ArtistA Tribe Called Quest
DiskWe Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service
Spinitron ChartMay 25 2017
Chart periodFri May 19th thru Thu 25th 2017
Chart stats165 stations reporting 99264 spins
Rank in chart73
Spins in chart period27
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUWhateva Will Be2017-05-19► Playlist
KBMFSolid Wall of Sound2017-05-24► Playlist
KCPRSolid Wall of Sound2017-05-22► Playlist
KCPRDis Generation2017-05-23► Playlist
KCPRWe The People....2017-05-23► Playlist
KCPRMelatonin2017-05-25► Playlist
KDNKWe the People....2017-05-23► Playlist
KSJSDis Generation (feat. Busta Rhymes)2017-05-20► Playlist
KSJSMobius (feat. Busta Rhymes, Jack White &Elton Jon)2017-05-21► Playlist
KSJSWhateva Will Be2017-05-23► Playlist
KUOMEnough!!2017-05-22► Playlist
KUOMThe Donald2017-05-25► Playlist
KUOMSolid Wall of Sound2017-05-25► Playlist
KUSFMelatonin2017-05-21► Playlist
KUSFMelatonin2017-05-20► Playlist
KVSCDis Generation2017-05-25► Playlist
KWVAWe The People....2017-05-25► Playlist
WELTEgo2017-05-20► Playlist
WELTEgo2017-05-21► Playlist
WFHBDis Generation2017-05-19► Playlist
WMSEThe Space Program2017-05-21► Playlist
WPRKSolid Wall of Sound2017-05-20► Playlist
WRBBDis Generation ft. Busta Rhymes2017-05-22► Playlist
WRIRWe the People....2017-05-20► Playlist
WSUMMobius2017-05-22► Playlist
WSUMThe Space Program2017-05-24► Playlist
WXNADis Generation2017-05-25► Playlist