ArtistBooker T.
DiskSound the Alarm
Spinitron ChartJul 14 2013
Chart periodMon Jul 8th thru Sun 14th 2013
Chart stats87 stations reporting 49657 spins
Rank in chart13
Spins in chart period42
05/25/2024kafmAustin City Blues 
05/25/2024kaosCan't Wait 
05/25/2024kbgaGently (feat. Anthony Hamilton) 
05/25/2024kbgaSound the Alarm (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) 
05/25/2024kbgaBroken Heart (feat. Jay James) 
05/25/2024kboo66 Impala (feat. Poncho Sanchez & Sheila E.) 
05/25/2024kbutAll Over the Place (feat. Luke James) 
05/25/2024kdhxAustin City Blues (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) 
05/25/2024kdhxYour Love Is No Love (feat. Vintage Trouble) 
05/25/2024kdhxBroken Heart featuring Jay James 
05/25/2024krfcAustin City Blues 
05/25/2024kvnf66 Impala 
05/25/2024kvscSound the Alarm (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) 
05/25/2024kvscSound The Alarm 
05/25/2024kvscFEEL GOOD 
05/25/2024kwvaSound The Alarm 
05/25/2024kxci66 Impala (Featuring Poncho Sanchez and Sheila E) 
05/25/2024kxciAustin City Blues (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) 
05/25/2024kxciBroken Heart (feat. Jay James) 
05/25/2024kxciSound the Alarm (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) 
05/25/2024kxciFather Son Blues (feat. Ted Jones) 
05/25/2024weruAustin City Blues (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) 
05/25/2024wfhbFeel Good 
05/25/2024wfhb66 Impala 
05/25/2024wfhbSound the Alarm (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) 
05/25/2024wfhbCan'T Wait 
05/25/2024wmmtYour Love Is No Love 
05/25/2024wmpgAustin City Blues (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) 
05/25/2024wmpgBroken Heart 
05/25/2024wmpgGently (feat. Anthony Hamilton) 
05/25/2024wmpgBroken Heart (feat. Jay James) 
05/25/2024wmseAustin City Blues (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) 
05/25/2024wmseSound the Alarm 
05/25/2024wmseSound the Alarm (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) 
05/25/2024wmseGently (feat. Anthony Hamilton) 
05/25/2024wmseAustin City Blues (feat. Gary Clark Jr.) 
05/25/2024wmseCan't Wait (feat. Estelle) 
05/25/2024wmse66 Impala (feat. Poncho Sanchez & Sheila E.) 
05/25/2024wojbYour Love Is No Love (feat. Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble)