ArtistOld 97's
DiskGraveyard Whistling
Spinitron ChartMay 25 2017
Chart periodFri May 19th thru Thu 25th 2017
Chart stats165 stations reporting 99264 spins
Rank in chart92
Spins in chart period24
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMTurns Out I'm Trouble2017-05-23► Playlist
KCSBnobody2017-05-23► Playlist
KDURJesus Loves You2017-05-23► Playlist
KHNSI Don't Wanna Die in This Town2017-05-19► Playlist
KHSUTurns out I'm Trouble2017-05-22► Playlist
KQALI Don't Wanna Die in This Town2017-05-19► Playlist
KRFCJesus Loves You2017-05-23► Playlist
KRFCShe Hates Everybody2017-05-23► Playlist
KRFCGood with God2017-05-25► Playlist
KRZAI Don't Wanna Die in This Town2017-05-22► Playlist
KXCIGood with God2017-05-24► Playlist
WCUWDrinkin' Song2017-05-24► Playlist
WERUThose were the days2017-05-19► Playlist
WHUSGood with God2017-05-22► Playlist
WHUSBad Luck Charm2017-05-22► Playlist
WHUSThose Were The Days2017-05-22► Playlist
WHUSIrish Whiskey Pretty Girls2017-05-22► Playlist
WLTLTurns out I'm Trouble2017-05-20► Playlist
WMSEGood with God2017-05-24► Playlist
WMSEJesus Loves You2017-05-25► Playlist
WNMCturns out I'm trouble2017-05-25► Playlist
WORTShe Hates Everybody2017-05-23► Playlist
WTIPGood with God (feat. Brandi Carlile)2017-05-20► Playlist
WXPRJesus Loves You2017-05-22► Playlist