ArtistJohn Fogerty
DiskWrote a Song for Everyone
Spinitron ChartJul 14 2013
Chart periodMon Jul 8th thru Sun 14th 2013
Chart stats87 stations reporting 49657 spins
Rank in chart19
Spins in chart period35
05/25/2024kafmProud Mary (Ft. Jennifer Hudson) 
05/25/2024kafmLong As I Can See The Light (Ft. My Morning Jacket) 
05/25/2024kafmLong As I Can See The Light 
05/25/2024kafmSomeday Never Comes 
05/25/2024kafmLong As I Can See the LIght 
05/25/2024kdhxMystic Highway 
05/25/2024kdhxTrain of Fools 
05/25/2024krfcBorn On The Bayou 
05/25/2024krfcMystic Highway 
05/25/2024krfcFortunate Son 
05/25/2024kvnfWho'll Stop The Rain 
05/25/2024kvnfHave You Ever Seen The Rain 
05/25/2024kvnfBad Moon Rising (Zac Brown Band) 
05/25/2024kvnfBorn On The Bayou 
05/25/2024kvnfFORTUNATE SON w/ the Foo Fighters 
05/25/2024kvnfPROUD MARY 
05/25/2024kvnfWrote A Song for Everyone 
05/25/2024kvnfFORTUNATE SON 
05/25/2024kwmrProud Mary 
05/25/2024kxciHave You Ever Seen The Rain (Featuring Alan Jackson) 
05/25/2024kxciTrain Of Fools 
05/25/2024kxciFORTUNATE SON 
05/25/2024kxciSomeday Never Comes 
05/25/2024kxciMystic Highway 
05/25/2024kxciAlmost Saturday Night 
05/25/2024wcuwMystic Highway 
05/25/2024weruproud mary 
05/25/2024weruWrote A Song For Everyone 
05/25/2024wfhbFortunate Son 
05/25/2024wfhbProud Mary 
05/25/2024wfhbPROUD MARY 
05/25/2024wxprWrote a Song for Everyone