ArtistRhiannon Giddens
DiskFreedom Highway
Spinitron ChartJun 1 2017
Chart periodFri May 26th thru Thu Jun 1st 2017
Chart stats163 stations reporting 96962 spins
Rank in chart76
Spins in chart period26
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KCSBjulie2017-05-27► Playlist
KDNKfreedom highway2017-05-29► Playlist
KRFCCome Love Come2017-05-28► Playlist
KRFCHey BeBe2017-05-29► Playlist
KRFCCome Love Come2017-05-31► Playlist
KRVMfreedom highway2017-05-29► Playlist
KRVMfreedom highway2017-05-31► Playlist
KRVMjulie2017-05-27► Playlist
KRVMAt the Purchaser's Option2017-05-27► Playlist
KSYMWe Could Fly2017-05-27► Playlist
KSYMBirmingham Sunday2017-05-31► Playlist
KVSCAt the Purchaser's Option2017-05-28► Playlist
KWMRBetter Get It Right the First Time2017-05-28► Playlist
WERUThe Angels Laid Him Away2017-05-26► Playlist
WERUBirmingham Sunday2017-05-28► Playlist
WERUThe Angels Laid Him Away2017-05-28► Playlist
WFHBThe Love We Almost Had2017-05-30► Playlist
WHUSAt the Purchaser's Option2017-05-28► Playlist
WHUSJulie2017-05-28► Playlist
WMSEjulie2017-05-26► Playlist
WNMCThe Angels Laid Him Away2017-05-30► Playlist
WNMCHey Bebe2017-05-30► Playlist
WNMCfreedom highway2017-05-31► Playlist
WNMCThe Angels Laid Him Away2017-06-01► Playlist
WTIPHey Bebe2017-05-31► Playlist
WVUDfreedom highway2017-05-30► Playlist