ArtistThe Jesus and Mary Chain
DiskDamage and Joy
Spinitron ChartJun 1 2017
Chart periodFri May 26th thru Thu Jun 1st 2017
Chart stats163 stations reporting 96962 spins
Rank in chart78
Spins in chart period26
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KBMFBlack and Blues (feat. Sky Ferreira)2017-05-29► Playlist
KCSBLos Feliz (Blues and Greens)2017-05-30► Playlist
KDURAll Things Pass2017-05-31► Playlist
KFGMThe Two of Us2017-05-30► Playlist
KHOLAlways Sad2017-06-01► Playlist
KRFCAll Things Pass2017-05-31► Playlist
KVSCLos Feliz (Blues and Greens)2017-05-30► Playlist
KWVAMood Rider2017-05-29► Playlist
WDBMAlways Sad2017-05-28► Playlist
WDBMAlways Sad2017-05-29► Playlist
WDBMAlways Sad2017-05-31► Playlist
WDBMAlways Sad2017-06-01► Playlist
WERAAlways Sad2017-05-30► Playlist
WMSCSong for a Secret2017-05-28► Playlist
WMSEAll Things Pass2017-05-27► Playlist
WNMCCan't Stop the Rock2017-05-27► Playlist
WNMCWar on Peace2017-05-30► Playlist
WPRKAlways Sad2017-05-30► Playlist
WSUMAll Things Pass2017-05-26► Playlist
WSUMAlways Sad2017-05-29► Playlist
WVMOAlways Sad2017-05-28► Playlist
WVUDAll Things Pass2017-05-27► Playlist
WZBTAll Things Pass2017-05-26► Playlist
WZBTAll Things Pass2017-05-29► Playlist
WZBTThe Two Of Us2017-05-30► Playlist
WZBTAlways Sad2017-06-01► Playlist