ArtistThe Como Mamas
DiskMove Upstairs
Spinitron ChartJun 1 2017
Chart periodFri May 26th thru Thu Jun 1st 2017
Chart stats163 stations reporting 96962 spins
Rank in chart85
Spins in chart period25
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAOSCount your blessings2017-05-26► Playlist
KBMFHe's Mine2017-05-27► Playlist
KBMFHe's Calling Me2017-05-31► Playlist
KBOOOut of the Wilderness2017-05-31► Playlist
KDHXI Can't Thank Him Enough2017-05-26► Playlist
KDHXOut of the Wilderness2017-05-26► Playlist
KDHXCount Your Blessings2017-05-26► Playlist
KDHX99 and a Half Won't Do2017-05-31► Playlist
KDHXCount your blessings2017-05-31► Playlist
KDNKOut of the Wilderness2017-05-29► Playlist
KDNKMove Upstairs2017-05-29► Playlist
KDURMove Upstairs2017-05-30► Playlist
KDURMove Upstairs2017-05-31► Playlist
KHOLHe's Mine2017-05-27► Playlist
KHOLMove Upstairs2017-05-31► Playlist
KRVM99 and a Half Won't Do2017-05-30► Playlist
KUSF99 And A Half Won't Do2017-05-30► Playlist
WERUGlory Glory Hallelujah2017-05-28► Playlist
WERUMove Upstairs2017-05-28► Playlist
WLURMove Upstairs2017-05-31► Playlist
WMSECount Your Blessings2017-05-26► Playlist
WORTCount your blessings2017-05-26► Playlist
WRIRCount your blessings2017-05-30► Playlist
WSUMSo Good to Me2017-05-27► Playlist
WVUD99 and a Half Won't Do2017-05-30► Playlist