ArtistMac Demarco
DiskThis Old Dog
Spinitron ChartJun 8 2017
Chart periodFri Jun 2nd thru Thu 8th 2017
Chart stats164 stations reporting 96856 spins
Rank in chart1
Spins in chart period106
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMBaby You're Out2017-06-08► Playlist
KBVRMy Old Man2017-06-02► Playlist
KBVRfor the first time2017-06-05► Playlist
KBVROne More Love Song2017-06-06► Playlist
KBVRStill Beating2017-06-07► Playlist
KCPROn The Level2017-06-02► Playlist
KCPRSister2017-06-02► Playlist
KCPRFor The First Time2017-06-02► Playlist
KCPRStill Beating2017-06-03► Playlist
KCPRStill Beating2017-06-04► Playlist
KCPRStill beating2017-06-05► Playlist
KCPRStill Beating2017-06-05► Playlist
KCPROn The Level2017-06-06► Playlist
KCPROne Another2017-06-06► Playlist
KCPRBaby You're Out2017-06-07► Playlist
KCPRDreams from Yesterday2017-06-07► Playlist
KCPROn the Level2017-06-07► Playlist
KCPRThis Old Dog2017-06-07► Playlist
KCPRBaby You're Out2017-06-08► Playlist
KCPRMoonlight On The River2017-06-08► Playlist
KCSBOne More Love Song2017-06-05► Playlist
KCSBWatching Him Fade Away2017-06-06► Playlist
KDHXBaby You're Out2017-06-08► Playlist
KDHXMy Old Man2017-06-08► Playlist
KDURBaby You're Out2017-06-03► Playlist
KDURDreams from Yesterday2017-06-04► Playlist
KDURWatching Him Fade Away2017-06-04► Playlist
KDURA Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes2017-06-05► Playlist
KDUROne More Love Song2017-06-07► Playlist
KHOLOn the Level2017-06-04► Playlist
KHOLThis Old Dog2017-06-04► Playlist
KHOLFor the first Time2017-06-07► Playlist
KHOLOn the Level2017-06-08► Playlist
KMNOMy Old Man2017-06-07► Playlist
KOTOBaby You're Out2017-06-06► Playlist
KRFFFor the first Time2017-06-06► Playlist
KRUIBaby You're Out2017-06-03► Playlist
KSDTStill Beating2017-06-04► Playlist
KSDTFor the first Time2017-06-04► Playlist
KSDTA Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes2017-06-04► Playlist
KSJSsister2017-06-03► Playlist
KSJSOne More Love Song2017-06-04► Playlist
KSJSOne another2017-06-04► Playlist
KSJSMy Old Man2017-06-05► Playlist
KSJSOn the Level2017-06-06► Playlist
KSJSMy Old Man2017-06-08► Playlist
KSJSThis Old Dog2017-06-08► Playlist
KUOMA Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes2017-06-02► Playlist
KUOMOne More Love Song2017-06-03► Playlist
KUOMThis Old Dog2017-06-05► Playlist
KUOMFor the first Time2017-06-05► Playlist
KUOMOne More Love Song2017-06-06► Playlist
KUOMOn the Level2017-06-07► Playlist
KUSFFor the first Time2017-06-08► Playlist
KVSCOn the Level2017-06-02► Playlist
KVSCBaby You're Out2017-06-02► Playlist
KVSCA Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes2017-06-02► Playlist
KVSCBaby You're Out2017-06-05► Playlist
KVSCOn the Level2017-06-06► Playlist
KVSCOne Another2017-06-06► Playlist
KVSCBaby You're Out2017-06-07► Playlist
KVSCFor the First Time2017-06-07► Playlist
KVSCFor the first Time2017-06-08► Playlist
KVSCA Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes2017-06-08► Playlist
KVSCBaby You're Out2017-06-08► Playlist
KWVAOne More Love Song2017-06-07► Playlist
KWVAStill Beating2017-06-08► Playlist
KXCIStill Beating2017-06-02► Playlist
KXCIStill Beating2017-06-02► Playlist
KXCIMy Old Man2017-06-03► Playlist
KXCIOne Another2017-06-05► Playlist
KXCIOn the Level2017-06-07► Playlist
KZMUMy Old Man2017-06-08► Playlist
KZSCMy Old Man2017-06-02► Playlist
RAINYDAWGMy Old Man2017-06-02► Playlist
RAINYDAWGFor the First Time2017-06-03► Playlist
RAINYDAWGFor the First Time2017-06-03► Playlist
RAINYDAWGOn the Level2017-06-03► Playlist
RAINYDAWGBaby You're Out2017-06-03► Playlist
RAINYDAWGMy Old Man2017-06-08► Playlist
WELTThis Old Dog2017-06-07► Playlist
WESUsister2017-06-08► Playlist
WFHBFor the first Time2017-06-05► Playlist
WFHBStill Beating2017-06-05► Playlist
WLURFor the first Time2017-06-06► Playlist
WMFOA Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes2017-06-04► Playlist
WMPGBaby You're Out2017-06-05► Playlist
WMSEBaby You're Out2017-06-02► Playlist
WNMCStill Beating2017-06-06► Playlist
WOWDOn the Level2017-06-08► Playlist
WPRKThis Old Dog2017-06-02► Playlist
WPRKBaby You're Out2017-06-02► Playlist
WPRKFor the first Time2017-06-02► Playlist
WPRKOn The Level2017-06-02► Playlist
WPRKOn the Level2017-06-05► Playlist
WPRKOne More Love Song2017-06-06► Playlist
WPRKOne More Love Song2017-06-08► Playlist
WPRKFor the first Time2017-06-08► Playlist
WSFMDreams from Yesterday2017-06-05► Playlist
WSFMOne the Level2017-06-07► Playlist
WSUMDreams from Yesterday2017-06-06► Playlist
WSUMMy Old Man2017-06-07► Playlist
WUOGBaby You're Out2017-06-05► Playlist
WUOGMy Old Man2017-06-07► Playlist
WUOGMy Old Man2017-06-08► Playlist
WUOGThis Old Dog2017-06-08► Playlist