Spinitron ChartJun 8 2017
Chart periodFri Jun 2nd thru Thu 8th 2017
Chart stats164 stations reporting 96856 spins
Rank in chart24
Spins in chart period43
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUThem changes2017-06-06► Playlist
KCPRA Fan's Mail Tron Song Suite II2017-06-02► Playlist
KCPRLava Lamp2017-06-05► Playlist
KCPRFriend Zone (clean)2017-06-06► Playlist
KCPRShow You the Way (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)2017-06-06► Playlist
KCPRWalk On By feat Kendrick Lamar (Clean)2017-06-07► Playlist
KCPRCaptain Stupido2017-06-07► Playlist
KCPRFriend Zone (clean)2017-06-07► Playlist
KCPRFriend Zone (clean)2017-06-08► Playlist
KDURLava lamp2017-06-04► Playlist
KDURwalk on by2017-06-06► Playlist
KMUZBus in These Streets2017-06-03► Playlist
KRFCShow You The Way (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)2017-06-08► Playlist
KSDTShow You The Way (feat. Micheal McDonald & Kenny Loggins)2017-06-02► Playlist
KTUHBus in These Streets2017-06-04► Playlist
KTUHWalk on By (feat. Kendrick Lamar)2017-06-06► Playlist
KTUHWalk on By (feat. Kendrick Lamar)2017-06-08► Playlist
KUOMfriend zone2017-06-05► Playlist
KUOMfriend zone2017-06-07► Playlist
KUOMThem changes2017-06-07► Playlist
KUOMLava Lamp2017-06-08► Playlist
KVSCFriend Zone2017-06-08► Playlist
KWVAThem Changes (feat. Flying Lotus and Kamasi Washington)2017-06-02► Playlist
KWVAWalk on By (feat. Kendrick Lamar)2017-06-03► Playlist
KWVAShow You the Way2017-06-06► Playlist
KWVAA Fan's Mail (Tron Song Suite II)2017-06-07► Playlist
KXCIA Fan's Mail (Tron Song II)2017-06-03► Playlist
KXCIFriend Zone2017-06-04► Playlist
KXCIThem changes2017-06-05► Playlist
RAINYDAWGThem Changes2017-06-07► Playlist
RAINYDAWGShow You The Way (feat. Flying Lotus, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins)2017-06-08► Playlist
WBOIBus in These Streets2017-06-04► Playlist
WELTFriend Zone2017-06-07► Playlist
WERUShow You The Way (feat. Micheal McDonald & Kenny Loggins)2017-06-05► Playlist
WMSEWalk on By (feat. Kendrick Lamar)2017-06-04► Playlist
WMSEfriend zone2017-06-06► Playlist
WPRKShow You the Way2017-06-02► Playlist
WRIRRabbot Ho2017-06-06► Playlist
WRIRCaptain Stupido2017-06-06► Playlist
WSFMLava lamp2017-06-02► Playlist
WSFMShow You the Way (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)2017-06-03► Playlist
WSFMShow You the Way (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)2017-06-07► Playlist
WZBTTokyo2017-06-07► Playlist