ArtistMonster Mike Welch & Mike Ledbetter
DiskRight Place, Right Time
Spinitron ChartJun 8 2017
Chart periodFri Jun 2nd thru Thu 8th 2017
Chart stats164 stations reporting 96856 spins
Rank in chart61
Spins in chart period29
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMI Can't Stop Baby2017-06-08► Playlist
KAOSI'm Gonna Move to Another Country2017-06-06► Playlist
KBOO1)I Can't Please You 2) I'm Gonna Move To Another Country2017-06-03► Playlist
KKFIDown Home Girl2017-06-05► Playlist
KKUPCry for Me Baby2017-06-05► Playlist
KKUPI Can't Please You2017-06-05► Playlist
KKUPI Can't Stop Baby2017-06-05► Playlist
KKUPDown Home Girl2017-06-05► Playlist
KKUPBig Moma2017-06-05► Playlist
KKUPBrewster Avenue Bump (feat. Laura Chavez)2017-06-05► Playlist
KPOOCryin' Won't Help You2017-06-08► Playlist
KRZAI'm Gonna Move to Another Country2017-06-04► Playlist
KSJSCan't Sit Down2017-06-03► Playlist
KXCII'm Gonna Move to Another Country2017-06-03► Playlist
RADIOBOISEI Can't Stop Baby2017-06-05► Playlist
WBRSCryin' Won't Help You2017-06-07► Playlist
WCUWCan't Sit Down2017-06-02► Playlist
WEFTBrewster Avenue Bump2017-06-02► Playlist
WEFTHow Long Can This Go On2017-06-02► Playlist
WICNBrewster Avenue Bump (feat. Laura Chavez)2017-06-03► Playlist
WMEBCan't Sit Down2017-06-08► Playlist
WMUADown Home Girl2017-06-08► Playlist
WNMCGoodbye baby2017-06-03► Playlist
WNMCDown Home Girl2017-06-05► Playlist
WNMCGoodbye baby2017-06-05► Playlist
WNMCI Can't Stop Baby2017-06-05► Playlist
WSFMI Can't Please You2017-06-02► Playlist
WSFMI Can't Stop Baby2017-06-02► Playlist
WSFMDown Home Girl2017-06-02► Playlist