ArtistThe New Pornographers
DiskWhiteout Conditions
Spinitron ChartJun 8 2017
Chart periodFri Jun 2nd thru Thu 8th 2017
Chart stats164 stations reporting 96856 spins
Rank in chart64
Spins in chart period29
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUWe've Been Here Before2017-06-04► Playlist
KAFMAvalanche Alley2017-06-02► Playlist
KAFMAvalanche Alley2017-06-08► Playlist
KBVRHigh Ticket Attractions2017-06-02► Playlist
KBVRHigh Ticket Attractions2017-06-07► Playlist
KCSUClockwise2017-06-06► Playlist
KCSUPlay Money2017-06-08► Playlist
KDNKThis Is The World Of The Theater2017-06-06► Playlist
KDURclockwise2017-06-07► Playlist
KHSUJuke2017-06-05► Playlist
KOTOWhiteout Conditions2017-06-02► Playlist
KSJSThis Is The World Of The Theater2017-06-02► Playlist
KSJSHigh Ticket Attractions2017-06-04► Playlist
KSJSHigh Ticket Attractions2017-06-05► Playlist
KSJSAvalanche Alley2017-06-08► Playlist
KZUMColosseums2017-06-05► Playlist
WBNYHigh Ticket Attractions2017-06-03► Playlist
WBNYColosseums2017-06-03► Playlist
WMPGHigh Ticket Attractions2017-06-08► Playlist
WMSEWhiteout Conditions2017-06-07► Playlist
WNMCPlay Money2017-06-06► Playlist
WNMCDarling Shade2017-06-08► Playlist
WOJBHigh Ticket Attractions2017-06-07► Playlist
WPRKHigh Ticket Attractions2017-06-02► Playlist
WSFMPlay Money2017-06-05► Playlist
WSFMAvalanche Alley2017-06-06► Playlist
WVMOWhiteout Conditions2017-06-04► Playlist
WXRWAvalanche Alley2017-06-06► Playlist
WZBTColosseums2017-06-06► Playlist