ArtistMavis Staples
DiskOne True Vine
Spinitron ChartAug 4 2013
Chart periodMon Jul 29th thru Sun Aug 4th 2013
Chart stats85 stations reporting 50322 spins
Rank in chart22
Spins in chart period32
01/27/2020kafmSow Good Seeds 
01/27/2020kafmI Like the Things About Me 
01/27/2020kaosSow Good Seeds 
01/27/2020kdhxI Like the Things About Me 
01/27/2020kdhxFar Celestial Shore 
01/27/2020kdhxFar Celestial Shore 
01/27/2020khsuEvery Step 
01/27/2020khsuFar Celestial Shore 
01/27/2020krfcWoke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus) 
01/27/2020kwvaCan You Get To That 
01/27/2020kxciWhat Are They Doing In Heaven Today? 
01/27/2020kxciHoly Ghost 
01/27/2020kxciOne True Vine 
01/27/2020kxciFar Celestial Shore 
01/27/2020kxciI Like the Things About Me 
01/27/2020kxciCan You Get To That 
01/27/2020kzyxFar Celestial Shore 
01/27/2020wbcrWhat Are They Doing In Heaven Today 
01/27/2020wcuwWhen You Sing 
01/27/2020werucan you get to that 
01/27/2020wfhbFar Celestial Shore 
01/27/2020wfhbEvery Step 
01/27/2020wfhbCan You Get To That 
01/27/2020wfhbCan You Get To That 
01/27/2020wfhbHOLY GHOST 
01/27/2020wfhbFar Celestial Shore 
01/27/2020wmfoJesus Wept 
01/27/2020wmseEvery Step 
01/27/2020wmseSow Good Seeds 
01/27/2020womrCan You Get To That 
01/27/2020wprkCan You Get to That? 
01/27/2020wzbc(7) Sow Good Seeds