ArtistBuddy Guy
DiskRhythm & Blues
Spinitron ChartAug 11 2013
Chart periodMon Aug 5th thru Sun 11th 2013
Chart stats86 stations reporting 48878 spins
Rank in chart11
Spins in chart period34
08/09/2022kafmWhat You Gonna Do About Me? 
08/09/2022kafmWhiskey Ghost 
08/09/2022kafmI Came Up Hard 
08/09/2022kafmThe Devil's Daughter 
08/09/2022kafmI Go By Feel 
08/09/2022kafmOne Day Away (featuring Keith Urban) 
08/09/2022kafmRhythm Inner Groove 
08/09/2022kafmWhat You Gonna 
08/09/2022kafmThe Devil's Daughter 
08/09/2022kafmEvil Twin (feat. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry & Brad Whitford) 
08/09/2022kbutWhat's Up With That Woman 
08/09/2022kcsbBest In Town 
08/09/2022kpovWhat You Gonna Do About Me (Featuring Beth Hart) 
08/09/2022krfcBlues Don't Care 
08/09/2022kvnfMessin' With The Kid 
08/09/2022kvnfWhat You Gonna Do About Me 
08/09/2022kxciI Done Got Over It 
08/09/2022kxciOne Day Away (f/Keith Urban) 
08/09/2022kxciWell I Done Got Over It 
08/09/2022radioboiseevil twin 
08/09/2022wbrsWhiskey Ghost 
08/09/2022weftI Would Dicitippy 
08/09/2022weftNever Gonna Change 
08/09/2022weftBlues Don't Care 
08/09/2022wfhbMeet Me in Chicago 
08/09/2022wfhbWhat's Up w/ That Woman 
08/09/2022wmpgMeet Me In Chicago 
08/09/2022wmpgMessin' With The Kid 
08/09/2022wmseWhat You Gonna Do About Me 
08/09/2022wmseEVIL TWIN 
08/09/2022wnmcEvil Twin 
08/09/2022wnmcWell I Done Got Over It 
08/09/2022wnmcWhat You Gonna Do About Me 
08/09/2022wnmcNever Gonna Change