ArtistBrother Ali
DiskAll the Beauty in This Whole Life
Spinitron ChartJun 22 2017
Chart periodFri Jun 16th thru Thu 22nd 2017
Chart stats166 stations reporting 94548 spins
Rank in chart84
Spins in chart period23
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMWe Got This (feat. Sa-Roc)2017-06-18► Playlist
KAOSWe Got This (feat. Sa-Roc)2017-06-16► Playlist
KAOSWe Got This (feat. Sa-Roc)2017-06-20► Playlist
KAOSWe Got This (feat. Sa-Roc)2017-06-22► Playlist
KBVRDear Black Son2017-06-16► Playlist
KDHXPen to Paper (feat. Amir Sulaiman)2017-06-17► Playlist
KDURWe Got This (feat. Sa-Roc)2017-06-19► Playlist
KHOLCan't Take That Away2017-06-16► Playlist
KMNOAll the Beauty in This Whole Life2017-06-19► Playlist
KPOOnever learn2017-06-16► Playlist
KQALDear Black Son2017-06-22► Playlist
KSJSnever learn2017-06-19► Playlist
KSJSOwn Light (What Hearts Are For)2017-06-20► Playlist
KSJSNever Learn2017-06-20► Playlist
KSJSNever Learn2017-06-20► Playlist
KSJSnever learn2017-06-22► Playlist
KVMR2tremble2017-06-22► Playlist
KVSCBefore They Called You White2017-06-20► Playlist
KXCIOwn Light (What Hearts Are For)2017-06-22► Playlist
KZSCnever learn2017-06-19► Playlist
WMMTOwn Light (What Hearts Are For)2017-06-19► Playlist
WZBTIt Ain't Easy2017-06-17► Playlist
WZBTOwn Light (What Hearts Are For)2017-06-19► Playlist