ArtistLCD Soundsystem
Diskcall the police / american dream - Single
Spinitron ChartJun 22 2017
Chart periodFri Jun 16th thru Thu 22nd 2017
Chart stats166 stations reporting 94548 spins
Rank in chart99
Spins in chart period21
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KCSUcall the police2017-06-22► Playlist
KDHXcall the police2017-06-22► Playlist
KHOLcall the police2017-06-19► Playlist
KHOLcall the police2017-06-20► Playlist
KMUZcall the police2017-06-17► Playlist
KRFCcall the police2017-06-22► Playlist
KVMR2call the police2017-06-16► Playlist
KXCIcall the police2017-06-16► Playlist
RADIOBOISEamerican dream2017-06-20► Playlist
WDRTcall the police2017-06-21► Playlist
WERAamerican dream2017-06-16► Playlist
WERAamerican dream2017-06-20► Playlist
WERUcall the police2017-06-17► Playlist
WMEBcall the police2017-06-18► Playlist
WMEBamerican dream2017-06-19► Playlist
WMSEcall the police2017-06-16► Playlist
WMSEcall the police2017-06-21► Playlist
WMUAamerican dream2017-06-21► Playlist
WZBCcall the police2017-06-22► Playlist
WZBCamerican dream2017-06-22► Playlist
WZBTcall the police2017-06-22► Playlist