ArtistValerie June
DiskPushin' Against a Stone
Spinitron ChartAug 25 2013
Chart periodMon Aug 19th thru Sun 25th 2013
Chart stats85 stations reporting 49023 spins
Rank in chart11
Spins in chart period34
09/26/2020kaosThe Hour 
09/26/2020kbgaPushin' Against A Stone! 
09/26/2020kcsbPushin' Against a Stone 
09/26/2020kdhxWanna Be On Your Mind 
09/26/2020khsuThe Hour 
09/26/2020krfcPushin' Against a Stone 
09/26/2020krfcThe Hour 
09/26/2020krfcWorkin' Woman Blues 
09/26/2020kuomYou Can't Be Told 
09/26/2020kuomYou Can't Be Told 
09/26/2020kuomPushin Against A Stone 
09/26/2020kxciThe Hour 
09/26/2020kxciPushin' Against a Stone 
09/26/2020kxciWanna Be On Your Mind 
09/26/2020kxciYou Can't Be Told 
09/26/2020kzscYou Can't Be Told 
09/26/2020kzyxYou Can't Be Told 
09/26/2020radiophoenixThe Hour 
09/26/2020wdbxWorkin' Woman Blues 
09/26/2020wdbxSOMEBODY TO LOVE 
09/26/2020wdbxThe Hour 
09/26/2020wdbxTwined & Twisted 
09/26/2020wdbxPushin' Against a Stone 
09/26/2020wdbxYou Can't Be Told 
09/26/2020wfhbTennessee Time 
09/26/2020wfhbTwined & Twisted 
09/26/2020wfhbThe Hour 
09/26/2020wfhbYou Can't Be Told 
09/26/2020wfhbSOMEBODY TO LOVE 
09/26/2020wfhbPushin' Against a Stone 
09/26/2020wfhbSOMEBODY TO LOVE 
09/26/2020wmseWorkin' Woman Blues 
09/26/2020wmseYou Can't Be Told