ArtistValerie June
DiskPushin' Against a Stone
Spinitron ChartSep 8 2013
Chart periodMon Sep 2nd thru Sun 8th 2013
Chart stats86 stations reporting 54620 spins
Rank in chart19
Spins in chart period36
01/25/2020kafmYou Can't Be Told 
01/25/2020kafm6 Tennessee Time 
01/25/2020kaosThe Hour 
01/25/2020kaosWorkin' Woman Blues 
01/25/2020kdhxPushin’ Against a Stone 
01/25/2020kdhxWorkin' Woman Blues 
01/25/2020kdhxOn My Way 
01/25/2020kdhxTrials, Troubles, Tribulations 
01/25/2020kotoWorkin' Woman Blues 
01/25/2020kvmrON MY WAY 
01/25/2020kvmrThe Hour 
01/25/2020kvnfPushin' Against a Stone 
01/25/2020kxciSomebody To Love 
01/25/2020kxciWorking Woman Blues 
01/25/2020kxciYou Can't Be Told 
01/25/2020kxciYou Can't Be Told 
01/25/2020kxciPushin' Against a Stone 
01/25/2020kxciWorkin' Woman Blues 
01/25/2020kxciON MY WAY 
01/25/2020kzscYou Can’t Be Told 
01/25/2020weftWorking Womans Blues 
01/25/2020weruWorkin' Woman Blues 
01/25/2020wfhbON MY WAY 
01/25/2020wfhbSOMEBODY TO LOVE 
01/25/2020wfhbWorkin' Woman Blues 
01/25/2020wfhbSomebody To Love (Acoustic Version) 
01/25/2020wfhbPushin' Against a Stone 
01/25/2020wicnTrials,Troubles and Tribulations 
01/25/2020wmpgWanna Be On Your Mind 
01/25/2020wmpgTennessee Time 
01/25/2020wnmcOn my way 
01/25/2020womrWorkin' Woman Blues 
01/25/2020womrTrials, Troubles, Tribulations 
01/25/2020wxprYou Can't Be Told