ArtistThe Little Willies
DiskFor the Good Times
Spinitron ChartJan 15 2012
Chart periodMon Jan 9th thru Sun 15th 2012
Chart stats65 stations reporting 38736 spins
Rank in chart10
Spins in chart period24
08/07/2022kafmFoul Owl on the Prowl 
08/07/2022kdhxPermanently Lonely 
08/07/2022kdhxFist City 
08/07/2022kdhxDiesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves 
08/07/2022kmudLovesick Blues 
08/07/2022krfcDiesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves 
08/07/2022krfcWorship You 
08/07/2022krfcFor the Good Times 
08/07/2022krfcFowl Owl on the Prowl 
08/07/2022krfcWorship You 
08/07/2022kvnfDeisel Smoke, Dangerous Curves 
08/07/2022kvnfDiesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves 
08/07/2022wcuwLovesick Blues 
08/07/2022wcuwDiesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves 
08/07/2022weruFoul Owl On The Prowl 
08/07/2022weruLovesick Blues 
08/07/2022wfhbI Worship You 
08/07/2022wfhbFOR the GOOD TIMES 
08/07/2022wfhbLovesick Blues 
08/07/2022wfhbDiesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves 
08/07/2022wtipDiesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves