ArtistCurtis Harding
DiskFace Your Fear
Spinitron ChartDec 21 2017
Chart periodFri Dec 15th thru Thu 21st 2017
Chart stats173 stations reporting 96750 spins
Rank in chart18
Spins in chart period38
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KDHXNeed My Baby2017-12-15► Playlist
KDHXFace your Fear2017-12-16► Playlist
KDHXNeed My Baby2017-12-20► Playlist
KDURNeed your Love2017-12-19► Playlist
KGLPGhost of you2017-12-18► Playlist
KHOLon and on2017-12-19► Playlist
KTUHDream Girl2017-12-15► Playlist
KUOMWednesday Morning Atonement2017-12-15► Playlist
KUOMWednesday Morning Atonement2017-12-16► Playlist
KVSCWednesday Morning Atonement2017-12-15► Playlist
KVSCGo As You Are2017-12-15► Playlist
KXCIon and on2017-12-15► Playlist
KXCIOn and On2017-12-16► Playlist
KXCINeed Your Love2017-12-17► Playlist
KXCIWednesday Morning Atonement2017-12-19► Playlist
KXCIWednesday Morning Atonement2017-12-20► Playlist
KXCIWednesday Morning Atonement2017-12-20► Playlist
RADIOBOISEFace your Fear2017-12-15► Playlist
RFBGhost of You2017-12-15► Playlist
WFHBon and on2017-12-15► Playlist
WFHBWednesday Morning Atonement2017-12-17► Playlist
WFHBGhost of You2017-12-18► Playlist
WFHBWelcome to My World2017-12-20► Playlist
WMSEGo As You Are2017-12-15► Playlist
WSFMGo As You Are2017-12-19► Playlist
WSUMon and on2017-12-16► Playlist
WSUMGo As You Are2017-12-16► Playlist
WXNAdream Girl2017-12-19► Playlist
WXOJFace your Fear2017-12-15► Playlist
WZBTOn And On2017-12-15► Playlist
WZBTWednesday Morning Atonement2017-12-15► Playlist
WZBTOn And On2017-12-16► Playlist
WZBTWelcome To My World2017-12-18► Playlist
WZBTOn And On2017-12-18► Playlist
WZBTOn And On2017-12-20► Playlist
WZBTWelcome To My World2017-12-20► Playlist
WZBTFace Your Fear2017-12-21► Playlist
WZBTWelcome To My World2017-12-21► Playlist