ArtistLukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
DiskLukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Spinitron ChartDec 21 2017
Chart periodFri Dec 15th thru Thu 21st 2017
Chart stats173 stations reporting 96750 spins
Rank in chart84
Spins in chart period19
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMfind yourself2017-12-15► Playlist
KAFMIf I Started Over2017-12-16► Playlist
KAFMfour Letter Word2017-12-16► Playlist
KAOSFind Yourself (Radio Edit)2017-12-20► Playlist
KBMFFind Yourself2017-12-15► Playlist
KDNKIf I Started Over2017-12-20► Playlist
KDNKDie Alone2017-12-20► Playlist
KDURDie Alone (feat. Lucius)2017-12-19► Playlist
KKFIJust Outside of Austin2017-12-19► Playlist
KRVMFind Yourself2017-12-16► Playlist
KSYMJust Outside of Austin2017-12-18► Playlist
KSYMDie Alone2017-12-19► Playlist
KSYMHigh Times2017-12-21► Playlist
KVMRFour Letter Word2017-12-20► Playlist
KVMRFind Yourself2017-12-20► Playlist
KXCIFool Me Once (feat. Lucius)2017-12-18► Playlist
WFHBCarolina (feat. Lucius)2017-12-16► Playlist
WMPGCarolina (feat. Lucius)2017-12-19► Playlist
WOWDfind yourself2017-12-20► Playlist