ArtistDarrell Scott
DiskLong Ride Home
Spinitron ChartJan 15 2012
Chart periodMon Jan 9th thru Sun 15th 2012
Chart stats65 stations reporting 38736 spins
Rank in chart18
Spins in chart period20
08/07/2022kafmOut In the Parking Lot 
08/07/2022kafmYou'll be With Me All the Way 
08/07/2022kdhxThe Country Boy 
08/07/2022kvnfYou'll Be With Me All the Way 
08/07/2022kvnfOut In the Parking Lot 
08/07/2022kvnfit must be sunday 
08/07/2022kzscNo Use Living For Today 
08/07/2022kzscCandle For A Cowboy 
08/07/2022wcuwYou'll Be With Me All The Way 
08/07/2022weftNo Use Living For Today 
08/07/2022werustill got a ways to go 
08/07/2022weruYou're Everything I Wanted Love to Be 
08/07/2022weruOut in the Parking Lot 
08/07/2022weruYou'll be with me all the way 
08/07/2022weruStill Got a Ways to Go 
08/07/2022wzbcToo Close To Comfort