ArtistRuthie Foster
DiskLet It Burn
Spinitron ChartJan 15 2012
Chart periodMon Jan 9th thru Sun 15th 2012
Chart stats65 stations reporting 38736 spins
Rank in chart19
Spins in chart period20
08/09/2022kaosAim For The Heart 
08/09/2022krfcAim For The Heart 
08/09/2022krfcEverlasting Light 
08/09/2022krfcEverlasting Light 
08/09/2022krfcLong Time Gone 
08/09/2022krfcWelcome Home 
08/09/2022kvnfYou Don't Miss Your Water 
08/09/2022kvnfWelcome Home 
08/09/2022kvnfIf I Had A Hammer 
08/09/2022kvnfLord Remember Me 
08/09/2022kvnflong time gone 
08/09/2022weruring of fire 
08/09/2022weruTHIS TIME 
08/09/2022weruSet Fire to the Rain 
08/09/2022weruIf I Had a Hammer 
08/09/2022weruLong Time Gone 
08/09/2022weruTHIS TIME 
08/09/2022weruyou don't miss your water 
08/09/2022weruIf I Had A Hammer 
08/09/2022wtipTHIS TIME