ArtistSamantha Fish
DiskBelle of the West
Spinitron ChartJan 18 2018
Chart periodFri Jan 12th thru Thu 18th 2018
Chart stats169 stations reporting 98470 spins
Rank in chart25
Spins in chart period32
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMPoor Black Mattie2018-01-18► Playlist
KAOSNo Angels2018-01-16► Playlist
KBMFgone for good live at telluride blues and brews festival2018-01-15► Playlist
KCCKgone for Good2018-01-12► Playlist
KCCKAMERICAN DREAM2018-01-13► Playlist
KDNKNo Angels2018-01-17► Playlist
KHOLamerican dream2018-01-17► Playlist
KHOLBlood in the Water2018-01-17► Playlist
KHOLBlood in the Water2018-01-17► Playlist
KHOLPoor Black Mattie2018-01-17► Playlist
KMNOamerican dream2018-01-12► Playlist
KMNODon't Say You Love Me2018-01-14► Playlist
KRFCPoor Black Mattie2018-01-16► Playlist
KRFCCowtown2018-01-16► Playlist
KRFCDon't Say You Love Me2018-01-17► Playlist
KSYMPoor Black Mattie (feat. Lightnin' Malcolm)2018-01-13► Playlist
KSYMBlood in the Water2018-01-15► Playlist
KWMRBlood in the Water2018-01-15► Playlist
KXCINeed You More2018-01-12► Playlist
KXCIDaughters2018-01-17► Playlist
KZUMDaughters2018-01-12► Playlist
KZUMNeed You More2018-01-16► Playlist
KZUMCowtown2018-01-16► Playlist
KZUMBlood in the Water2018-01-17► Playlist
KZUMPoor Black Mattie2018-01-18► Playlist
WEFTAmerican Dream2018-01-14► Playlist
WERANeed You More2018-01-14► Playlist
WERUNeed You More2018-01-17► Playlist
WFHBCowtown2018-01-17► Playlist
WRUWAmerican Dream2018-01-13► Playlist
WRUWAmerican Dream2018-01-18► Playlist
WXPRNo Angels2018-01-17► Playlist