ArtistTy Segall
DiskFreedom's Goblin
Spinitron ChartApr 12 2018
Chart periodFri Apr 6th thru Thu 12th 2018
Chart stats197 stations reporting 121823 spins
Rank in chart21
Spins in chart period65
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAOSEvery 1's a Winner2018-04-06► Playlist
KBGAThe last waltz2018-04-10► Playlist
KBGAAlta2018-04-11► Playlist
KBVRYou Say All the Nice Things2018-04-12► Playlist
KDHXWhen Mommy Kills You2018-04-12► Playlist
KDURShoot You Up2018-04-07► Playlist
KDURshe2018-04-09► Playlist
KDURWhen Mommy Kills You2018-04-10► Playlist
KDUREvery 1's a Winner2018-04-11► Playlist
KFFRAlta2018-04-12► Playlist
KHOLDespoiler of Cadaver2018-04-11► Playlist
KRFFAlta2018-04-10► Playlist
KRVMMy Lady's On Fire2018-04-09► Playlist
KRVMMy Lady's On Fire2018-04-11► Playlist
KRZAMy Lady's On Fire2018-04-12► Playlist
KSJSThe Main Pretender2018-04-07► Playlist
KSJSAlta2018-04-07► Playlist
KSJSEvery 1's a Winner2018-04-08► Playlist
KTUHFanny Dog2018-04-09► Playlist
KTUHMy Lady's On Fire2018-04-09► Playlist
KUOMDespoiler of Cadaver2018-04-07► Playlist
KUOMThe Main Pretender2018-04-10► Playlist
KUOMDespoiler of Cadaver2018-04-10► Playlist
KVMR2Every 1's a Winner2018-04-09► Playlist
KVMR2meaning2018-04-09► Playlist
KVSCEvery 1's a Winner2018-04-10► Playlist
KVSCEvery 1's a Winner2018-04-11► Playlist
KWUREvery 1's a Winner2018-04-12► Playlist
KWVAMy Lady's On Fire2018-04-10► Playlist
KWVAMy Lady's On Fire2018-04-10► Playlist
KWVAThe Last Waltz2018-04-11► Playlist
KXCIWhen Mommy Kills You2018-04-10► Playlist
KXSCshe2018-04-11► Playlist
KXUAFanny Dog2018-04-11► Playlist
KZSCEvery 1's a Winner2018-04-09► Playlist
RADIOBOISEDespoiler of Cadaver2018-04-11► Playlist
RAINYDAWGYou Say All the Nice Things2018-04-09► Playlist
RFB5 Ft. Tall2018-04-08► Playlist
WESUprison2018-04-12► Playlist
WFHBThe Main Pretender2018-04-09► Playlist
WGMUFanny Dog2018-04-11► Playlist
WMCNYou Say All the Nice Things2018-04-08► Playlist
WMCNMy Lady's On Fire2018-04-09► Playlist
WMFOEvery 1's a Winner2018-04-08► Playlist
WMPGEvery 1's a Winner2018-04-12► Playlist
WMPGshe2018-04-12► Playlist
WMSEi'm free2018-04-06► Playlist
WMSEEveryone's a Winner2018-04-11► Playlist
WMSEFanny Dog2018-04-12► Playlist
WMUAWhen Mommy Kills You2018-04-07► Playlist
WNMCmeaning2018-04-07► Playlist
WNMCEvery 1's a Winner2018-04-10► Playlist
WNMC5 Ft Tall2018-04-12► Playlist
WNMCshe2018-04-12► Playlist
WORTMeaning2018-04-12► Playlist
WORTEvery 1's A Winner2018-04-12► Playlist
WORTShoot You Up2018-04-10► Playlist
WSCAShoot You Up2018-04-09► Playlist
WSCAMy Lady's On Fire2018-04-10► Playlist
WSFMRain2018-04-06► Playlist
WSUMFanny Dog2018-04-06► Playlist
WSUMAlta2018-04-06► Playlist
WUMLFanny Dog2018-04-10► Playlist
WXNAThe Main Pretender2018-04-09► Playlist
WZBTrain2018-04-06► Playlist