Spinitron ChartApr 12 2018
Chart periodFri Apr 6th thru Thu 12th 2018
Chart stats197 stations reporting 121823 spins
Rank in chart53
Spins in chart period42
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUFeel Your Weight2018-04-09► Playlist
KAOSWaste2018-04-06► Playlist
KBUTsong for you2018-04-09► Playlist
KBVRTaste2018-04-10► Playlist
KCSUTaste2018-04-06► Playlist
KCSUCount to Five2018-04-07► Playlist
KDHXplease2018-04-12► Playlist
KDURSinful2018-04-07► Playlist
KHOLTaste2018-04-11► Playlist
KSPCWaste2018-04-08► Playlist
KSPCTaste2018-04-09► Playlist
KTUHSong For You2018-04-06► Playlist
KTUHplease2018-04-11► Playlist
KUOMplease2018-04-07► Playlist
KUOMTaste2018-04-08► Playlist
KUOMTaste2018-04-09► Playlist
KUOMTaste2018-04-09► Playlist
KUOMTaste2018-04-10► Playlist
KUOMTaste2018-04-10► Playlist
KUOMTaste2018-04-11► Playlist
KUOMFeel Your Weight2018-04-12► Playlist
KUOMTaste2018-04-12► Playlist
KUPSSong For You2018-04-06► Playlist
KVSCPhoenix2018-04-09► Playlist
KVSCCount To Five2018-04-09► Playlist
KVSCphoenix2018-04-10► Playlist
KXCICount to Five2018-04-06► Playlist
KXCITaste2018-04-06► Playlist
KXSCsong for you - Jacques Green Remix2018-04-06► Playlist
KZMUTaste2018-04-11► Playlist
RADIOBOISEsong for you2018-04-09► Playlist
WGMUCount To Five2018-04-11► Playlist
WGTBplease2018-04-06► Playlist
WGTBStay Safe2018-04-06► Playlist
WMFOCount to Five2018-04-06► Playlist
WMFOFeel Your Weight2018-04-09► Playlist
WMUACount to Five2018-04-08► Playlist
WUOGWaste2018-04-10► Playlist
WZBTFeel Your Weight2018-04-07► Playlist
WZBTCount To Five2018-04-10► Playlist
WZBTCount to Five2018-04-11► Playlist
WZBTCount To Five2018-04-12► Playlist