ArtistJeff Beck
DiskLive at the Hollywood Bowl
Spinitron ChartApr 12 2018
Chart periodFri Apr 6th thru Thu 12th 2018
Chart stats197 stations reporting 121823 spins
Rank in chart96
Spins in chart period29
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KOPNThe Revolution Will Be Televised (feat. Rosie Bones) [Live]2018-04-12► Playlist
KOPNLive In the Dark (feat. Rosie Bones) [Live]2018-04-12► Playlist
KOPNScared for the Children (feat. Rosie Bones) [Live]2018-04-12► Playlist
KOPNRice Pudding / Morning Dew (feat. Jimmy Hall) [Live]2018-04-12► Playlist
KOPNFreeway Jam (feat. Jan Hammer) [Live]2018-04-12► Playlist
KSPCStar Cycle2018-04-12► Playlist
KSPCFreeway Jam2018-04-12► Playlist
KVMRHeart Full of Soul2018-04-12► Playlist
KWCWThe Revolution Will Be Televised2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWOver Under Sideways Down2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWHeart Full Of Soul2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWFor Your Love2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWBeck's Bolero2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWRice Pudding/Morning Dew2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWFreeway Jam2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWYou Never Know2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCW'Cause We've Ended As Lovers2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWStar Cycle2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWBlue Wind2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWBig Block2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWI'd Rather Go Blind2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWLet Me Love You2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWLove In The Dark2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWScared For The Children2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWRough Boy2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWTrain Kept A-Rollin'2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWShapes Of Things2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWA Day In The Life2018-04-08► Playlist
KWCWPurple Rain2018-04-08► Playlist