ArtistWillie Nelson
DiskBand of Brothers
Spinitron ChartJul 13 2014
Chart periodMon Jul 7th thru Sun 13th 2014
Chart stats100 stations reporting 60852 spins
Rank in chart23
Spins in chart period33
07/07/2014kafmThe Get Go (with Jamey Johnson)Playlist
07/08/2014kafmGuitar in the CornerPlaylist
07/08/2014kafmThe Get Go (with Jamey Johnson)Playlist
07/08/2014kafmHard To Be An OutlawPlaylist
07/08/2014kafmThe SongwritersPlaylist
07/08/2014kafmWhenever You Come AroundPlaylist
07/09/2014kafmWhenever You Come AroundPlaylist
07/12/2014kafmWives and GirlfriendsPlaylist
07/11/2014kaosCrazy Like MePlaylist
07/08/2014kpovWives and GirlfriendsPlaylist
07/10/2014ksjdThe SongwritersPlaylist
07/11/2014ksymHard To Be An OutlawPlaylist
07/12/2014ksymBand Of BrothersPlaylist
07/13/2014ksymBand Of BrothersPlaylist
07/07/2014kvnfthe git goPlaylist
07/09/2014kvnfThe Git GoPlaylist
07/07/2014kxciBand Of BrothersPlaylist
07/08/2014kxciTHE WALLPlaylist
07/08/2014kxciThe SongwritersPlaylist
07/09/2014kxciI Thought I Left YouPlaylist
07/10/2014kxciWives and GirlfriendsPlaylist
07/11/2014kzscGuitar In A CornerPlaylist
07/09/2014wcuwgot a lot of travelin' to doPlaylist
07/08/2014weruUsed To HerPlaylist
07/11/2014weruSend Me A PicturePlaylist
07/08/2014wfhbHard to Be an OutlawPlaylist
07/08/2014wfhbBRING IT ONPlaylist
07/09/2014wfhbBRING IT ONPlaylist
07/09/2014wfhbTHE WALLPlaylist
07/11/2014wfhbBRING IT ONPlaylist
07/11/2014wfhbBand Of BrothersPlaylist
07/13/2014wfhbBRING IT ONPlaylist
07/10/2014wnmcWives and GirlfriendsPlaylist