ArtistBob Mould
DiskBeauty & Ruin
Spinitron ChartJul 13 2014
Chart periodMon Jul 7th thru Sun 13th 2014
Chart stats100 stations reporting 60852 spins
Rank in chart24
Spins in chart period31
07/13/2014kaosNemeses Are LaughingPlaylist
07/07/2014kdhxFire In The CityPlaylist
07/09/2014kdhxI Don't Know You AnymorePlaylist
07/09/2014kdhxKid With Crooked FacePlaylist
07/08/2014kpovLittle Glass PillPlaylist
07/07/2014krfcThe WarPlaylist
07/10/2014ksymI DON'T KNOW YOU ANYMOREPlaylist
07/09/2014kusfFire In The CityPlaylist
07/07/2014kvnfNemeses are LaughingPlaylist
07/07/2014kvscLet the Beauty BePlaylist
07/07/2014kvscFire In the CityPlaylist
07/09/2014kvscLet the Beauty BePlaylist
07/10/2014kvscLow SeasonPlaylist
07/11/2014kvscLet the Beauty BePlaylist
07/11/2014kvscTHE WARPlaylist
07/12/2014kvscTOMORROW MORNINGPlaylist
07/12/2014kwvaLittle Glass PillPlaylist
07/08/2014radioboisenemeses are laughingPlaylist
07/11/2014radioboiseI Don't Know You AnymorePlaylist
07/07/2014whusI Don'T Know You AnymorePlaylist
07/07/2014whusTHE WARPlaylist
07/08/2014wmfofire in the cityPlaylist
07/07/2014wmseLow SeasonPlaylist
07/10/2014wmseNemeses are LaughingPlaylist
07/10/2014wmseTHE WARPlaylist
07/07/2014wnmcFIX ITPlaylist
07/10/2014wnmcHey Mr. GreyPlaylist
07/09/2014wortI Don'T Know You AnymorePlaylist
07/07/2014wsiaBriefest MomentPlaylist
07/10/2014wzbcTHE WARPlaylist