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DiskCon Todo El Mundo
Spinitron ChartJun 7 2018
Chart periodFri Jun 1st thru Thu 7th 2018
Chart stats173 stations reporting 99316 spins
Rank in chart38
Spins in chart period39
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUMaria También2018-06-04► Playlist
CILUA Hymn2018-06-07► Playlist
KBMFEvan Finds the Third Room2018-06-01► Playlist
KCPRComo Me Quieres2018-06-01► Playlist
KCPRComo Me Quieres2018-06-03► Playlist
KCPREvan Finds The Third Room2018-06-04► Playlist
KCPRMaria Tambien2018-06-05► Playlist
KCPREvan Finds The Third Room2018-06-06► Playlist
KCPRAugust 102018-06-07► Playlist
KCPREvan Finds The Third Room2018-06-07► Playlist
KCSBFriday morning2018-06-01► Playlist
KCSBEvan Finds the Third Room2018-06-01► Playlist
KDNKComo Te Quiero2018-06-05► Playlist
KDURShades of Man2018-06-04► Playlist
KHNSMaria También2018-06-01► Playlist
KHOLAugust 102018-06-04► Playlist
KHOLEvan Finds the Third Room2018-06-06► Playlist
KHSUCómo Me Quieres2018-06-04► Playlist
KHSUEvan Finds the Third Room2018-06-05► Playlist
KMUZEvan Finds the Third Room2018-06-02► Playlist
KSDTEvan Finds the Third Room2018-06-07► Playlist
KTUHFriday morning2018-06-06► Playlist
KUOMFriday morning2018-06-02► Playlist
KUOMAugust 102018-06-02► Playlist
KVMRLady and Man2018-06-01► Playlist
KVMR2August 102018-06-04► Playlist
KWVAFriday morning2018-06-01► Playlist
KWVALady and Man2018-06-03► Playlist
KWVAEvan Finds the Third Room2018-06-04► Playlist
KZAXcomo Te Quieres2018-06-03► Playlist
KZSCMaria También2018-06-04► Playlist
RADIOBOISELady and Man2018-06-01► Playlist
WCHCMaria También2018-06-05► Playlist
WERULady And Man2018-06-01► Playlist
WNMCFriday Morning2018-06-04► Playlist
WNMCComo Te Quiero2018-06-07► Playlist
WOMRLady and Man2018-06-01► Playlist
WTIPcomo Te Quiero2018-06-04► Playlist
WXOXComo Me Quieres2018-06-01► Playlist