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ArtistMichael Rault
DiskIt's a New Day Tonight
Spinitron ChartJun 7 2018
Chart periodFri Jun 1st thru Thu 7th 2018
Chart stats173 stations reporting 99316 spins
Rank in chart65
Spins in chart period30
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUNew Day Tonight2018-06-02► Playlist
KAOSDream Song2018-06-01► Playlist
KCSBSleep with Me2018-06-01► Playlist
KDHXSitting Still2018-06-07► Playlist
KDURI'll be there2018-06-02► Playlist
KDURI'll be there2018-06-06► Playlist
KHOLNew Day Tonight2018-06-04► Playlist
KHSUI'll Be There2018-06-02► Playlist
KSPCOut of the Light2018-06-03► Playlist
KSPCSleep with Me2018-06-03► Playlist
KUOMNew Day Tonight2018-06-04► Playlist
KUOMI'll be there2018-06-07► Playlist
KUOMI'll be there2018-06-07► Playlist
KVMRSitting Still2018-06-01► Playlist
KVMROut of the Light2018-06-01► Playlist
KVSCWhen the Sun Shines2018-06-01► Playlist
KVSCI'll be there2018-06-04► Playlist
KVSCNew Day Tonight2018-06-05► Playlist
KVSCI'll be there2018-06-05► Playlist
KVSCWhen the Sun Shines2018-06-06► Playlist
KVSCWhen the Sun Shines2018-06-07► Playlist
KWVAI'll be there2018-06-01► Playlist
RADIOBOISEWhen the Sun Shines2018-06-02► Playlist
WRUWI'll Be There2018-06-01► Playlist
WUNHI'll Be There2018-06-02► Playlist
WUNHI'll Be There2018-06-05► Playlist
WZBTI'll Be There2018-06-04► Playlist
WZBTOh, Clever Boy2018-06-05► Playlist
WZBTI'll Be There2018-06-05► Playlist
WZBTPyramid Scheme2018-06-06► Playlist