ArtistJenny Lewis
DiskThe Voyager
Spinitron ChartAug 17 2014
Chart periodMon Aug 11th thru Sun 17th 2014
Chart stats97 stations reporting 59567 spins
Rank in chart2
Spins in chart period87
08/17/2014kafmJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/11/2014kbgayou can't out run 'emPlaylist
08/11/2014kbgaSlippery SlopePlaylist
08/12/2014kbganew youPlaylist
08/13/2014kbgaJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/14/2014kbgaShe's Not MePlaylist
08/14/2014kbgalove u foreverPlaylist
08/15/2014kbgaJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/17/2014kbgaLate BloomerPlaylist
08/13/2014kbvrHead UnderwaterPlaylist
08/11/2014kdhxJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/11/2014kdhxYou Can't Outrun "EmPlaylist
08/11/2014kdhxAloha & The Three JohnsPlaylist
08/12/2014kdhxShe's Not MePlaylist
08/13/2014kdhxThe New YouPlaylist
08/13/2014kdhxYou Can't Outrun "EmPlaylist
08/12/2014kdurLate BloomersPlaylist
08/13/2014kdurJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/15/2014kdurShe's Not MePlaylist
08/15/2014kdurYou Can't Outrun 'EmPlaylist
08/16/2014kdurLate BloomersPlaylist
08/17/2014kdurThe New YouPlaylist
08/11/2014kholYou Can't Out Run 'EmPlaylist
08/12/2014kholJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/16/2014kholJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/13/2014kotoLate BloomerPlaylist
08/13/2014kotoshe's not mePlaylist
08/13/2014kotoThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/11/2014kqnyThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/12/2014krfcLate BloomerPlaylist
08/15/2014krfcThe New YouPlaylist
08/11/2014ksjdThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/15/2014ksjdThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/11/2014kuomJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/12/2014kuomLate BloomerPlaylist
08/12/2014kuomJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/13/2014kuomTHE VOYAGERPlaylist
08/13/2014kuomJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/13/2014kuomJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/14/2014kuomThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/15/2014kuomThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/15/2014kuomThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/15/2014kuomJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/16/2014kuomThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/11/2014kvscLate BloomerPlaylist
08/12/2014kvscThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/15/2014kvscHead UnderwaterPlaylist
08/12/2014kwvaShe's Not MePlaylist
08/11/2014kxciShe's Not MePlaylist
08/11/2014kxciAloha & The Three JohnsPlaylist
08/12/2014kxciThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/13/2014kxciShe's Not MePlaylist
08/13/2014kxciShe's Not MePlaylist
08/13/2014kxciHard UnderwaterPlaylist
08/13/2014kxciJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/14/2014kxciJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/14/2014kxciLate BloomerPlaylist
08/14/2014kxciThe VoyagerPlaylist
08/15/2014kxciLove U ForeverPlaylist
08/15/2014kxciJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/12/2014radioboiseLove U ForeverPlaylist
08/16/2014radioboiseJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/16/2014wbcrShe's Not MePlaylist
08/11/2014weruJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/13/2014weruShe's not mePlaylist
08/14/2014weruYou Can't Outrun 'emPlaylist
08/11/2014wfhbJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/14/2014wfhbYou Can't Outrun 'EmPlaylist
08/14/2014wfhbYou Can't Outrun 'EmPlaylist
08/15/2014wfhbJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/17/2014wfhbLate BloomerPlaylist
08/15/2014wmmtSlippery SlopesPlaylist
08/13/2014wmseJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/14/2014wmseLate BloomerPlaylist
08/16/2014wnmcjust one of the guysPlaylist
08/11/2014wojbThe New YouPlaylist
08/11/2014wojbLate BloomerPlaylist
08/13/2014wojbAloha & the Three JohnsPlaylist
08/13/2014wojbThe New YouPlaylist
08/14/2014wojbThe New YouPlaylist
08/13/2014wortJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/15/2014wortJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/11/2014wprkShe's Not MePlaylist
08/11/2014wprkJust One Of The GuysPlaylist
08/11/2014wprkOne Of The GuysPlaylist
08/13/2014wprkLate BloomerPlaylist
08/14/2014wprkJust One Of The GuysPlaylist