ArtistBear In Heaven
DiskTime Is Over One Day Old
Spinitron ChartAug 17 2014
Chart periodMon Aug 11th thru Sun 17th 2014
Chart stats97 stations reporting 59567 spins
Rank in chart19
Spins in chart period37
08/14/2014kbvrIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/11/2014kholTime BetweenPlaylist
08/12/2014kholTime BetweenPlaylist
08/12/2014kuomIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/13/2014kuomTime BetweenPlaylist
08/13/2014kuomIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/14/2014kuomIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/15/2014kuomIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/16/2014kuomTime BetweenPlaylist
08/16/2014kuomIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/16/2014kuomTime BetweenPlaylist
08/17/2014kuomIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/11/2014kvmrTime BetweenPlaylist
08/12/2014kvscThe Sun and the Moon and the StarsPlaylist
08/15/2014kvscTime BetweenPlaylist
08/15/2014kvscDissolve the WallsPlaylist
08/11/2014kxciTime BetweenPlaylist
08/14/2014kzuuTime BetweenPlaylist
08/12/2014radioboiseTime BetweenPlaylist
08/15/2014radioboiseTime BetweenPlaylist
08/12/2014wfhbMemory HeartPlaylist
08/13/2014wfhbIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/12/2014wmseIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/15/2014wmseIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/12/2014wnmcWay OffPlaylist
08/16/2014wnmcMemory HeartPlaylist
08/11/2014wprkIf I Were To LiePlaylist
08/12/2014wprkWay OffPlaylist
08/11/2014wzbcThey DreamPlaylist
08/13/2014wzbcThe Sun and the Moon and the StarsPlaylist
08/14/2014wzbcThey DreamPlaylist
08/15/2014wzbcThey DreamPlaylist
08/15/2014wzbcTime BetweenPlaylist