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ArtistMelody's Echo Chamber
DiskBon Voyage
Spinitron ChartJul 5 2018
Chart periodFri Jun 29th thru Thu Jul 5th 2018
Chart stats174 stations reporting 96309 spins
Rank in chart10
Spins in chart period71
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUVisions of Someone Special2018-07-05► Playlist
KAOScross my heart2018-07-05► Playlist
KBUTVisions Of Someone Special, On A Wall Of Reflections2018-07-02► Playlist
KCPRcross my heart2018-07-01► Playlist
KCPRVar Har Du Vart2018-07-03► Playlist
KCSBQuand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danse La Neige2018-06-30► Playlist
KCSUBreathe in, Breathe Out2018-07-05► Playlist
KDNKCross My Heart2018-07-02► Playlist
KDNKCross My Heart2018-07-03► Playlist
KDNKBreathe in, Breathe Out2018-07-05► Playlist
KKCRCross My Heart2018-06-29► Playlist
KKCRVar Har Du Vart2018-07-02► Playlist
KMNOBreathe in Breathe out2018-07-05► Playlist
KSJSVision of Someone Special2018-07-01► Playlist
KSJSbreathe in, breathe out2018-07-03► Playlist
KSJSVision of Someone Special2018-07-04► Playlist
KSJSCross My Heart2018-07-05► Playlist
KSJSBreathe In, Breathe Out2018-07-05► Playlist
KTUHCross My Heart2018-07-01► Playlist
KUOMcross my heart2018-06-29► Playlist
KUOMShirim2018-06-30► Playlist
KUOMShirim2018-07-01► Playlist
KUOMVisions of Someone Special2018-07-02► Playlist
KUOMbreathe in, breathe out2018-07-02► Playlist
KUOMbreathe in, breathe out2018-07-04► Playlist
KUOMShrim2018-07-04► Playlist
KUOMcross my heart2018-07-05► Playlist
KVMR2Cross My Heart2018-07-02► Playlist
KVMR2Desert Horse2018-07-02► Playlist
KVMR2Cross My Heart2018-07-03► Playlist
KVMR2Shirim2018-07-04► Playlist
KVSCVisions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections2018-06-29► Playlist
KVSCCross My Heart2018-07-03► Playlist
KVSCbreathe in, breathe out2018-07-04► Playlist
KVSCVisions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections2018-07-05► Playlist
KXCIbreathe in, breathe out2018-07-02► Playlist
KXSFBreathe in, Breathe Out2018-07-03► Playlist
KXUABreathe in, Breathe Out2018-07-05► Playlist
KZSCVisions of Someone Special, On A Wall of Reflections2018-07-03► Playlist
KZSCVar Har Du Vart?2018-07-03► Playlist
RADIOBOISECross My Heart2018-06-29► Playlist
WBNYCross My Heart2018-06-30► Playlist
WESUshirim2018-06-30► Playlist
WHUSShirim2018-06-29► Playlist
WKNCBreathe in, Breathe Out2018-07-02► Playlist
WKNCCross My Heart2018-07-04► Playlist
WLURCross My Heart2018-07-03► Playlist
WLURbreathe in, breathe out2018-07-03► Playlist
WMCNshirim2018-06-29► Playlist
WMSEVisions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections2018-06-29► Playlist
WMSEcross my heart2018-07-03► Playlist
WNMCcross my heart2018-06-30► Playlist
WNMCcross my heart2018-07-03► Playlist
WOWDBreath in, Breath out2018-07-02► Playlist
WRUWCross My Heart2018-07-02► Playlist
WSFMBreathe in, Breathe Out2018-06-30► Playlist
WSFMBreathe in, Breathe Out2018-07-01► Playlist
WSFMVisions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections2018-07-02► Playlist
WSUMbreathe in, breathe out2018-07-01► Playlist
WUNHBreathe In, Breathe Out2018-06-30► Playlist
WVEWShirim2018-07-05► Playlist
WXNAVisions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections2018-07-03► Playlist
WZBCVisions of Someone Special, on a Wall of Reflections2018-06-29► Playlist
WZBCShirim2018-07-02► Playlist
WZBTBreathe In, Breathe Out2018-06-29► Playlist
WZBTBreathe In, Breathe Out2018-06-29► Playlist
WZBTShirim2018-06-30► Playlist
WZBTBreathe In, Breathe Out2018-07-01► Playlist
WZBTBreathe In, Breathe Out2018-07-03► Playlist
WZBTQuand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danser La Neige2018-07-04► Playlist
WZBTBreathe In, Breathe Out2018-07-05► Playlist