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ArtistJohnny Marr
DiskCall The Comet
Spinitron ChartJul 5 2018
Chart periodFri Jun 29th thru Thu Jul 5th 2018
Chart stats174 stations reporting 96309 spins
Rank in chart34
Spins in chart period33
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KBMFHi Hello2018-06-29► Playlist
KBMFDay In Day Out2018-06-29► Playlist
KBOORise2018-07-03► Playlist
KBUTRise2018-07-02► Playlist
KDHXMy Eternal2018-07-04► Playlist
KDHXNew Dominions2018-07-05► Playlist
KDNKThe Tracers2018-07-02► Playlist
KDURDay in Day out2018-07-04► Playlist
KRFCDay In And Day Out2018-07-05► Playlist
KRFCThe Tracers2018-07-05► Playlist
KRZAThe Tracers2018-07-03► Playlist
KVSCHey Angel2018-06-29► Playlist
KVSCRise2018-06-29► Playlist
KVSCHi Hello2018-06-29► Playlist
KVSCDay in Day out2018-07-02► Playlist
KVSCDay in Day Out2018-07-03► Playlist
KVSCHey Angel2018-07-04► Playlist
KVSCHi Hello2018-07-05► Playlist
KWVAThe Tracers2018-06-30► Playlist
RADIOBOISEHi Hello2018-07-03► Playlist
WERUHi Hello2018-06-29► Playlist
WFHBNEW DOMINIONS2018-06-29► Playlist
WFHBWalk Into The Sea2018-07-02► Playlist
WFHBThe Tracers2018-07-02► Playlist
WPRKMy Eternal2018-07-03► Playlist
WRIRNew Dominions2018-06-30► Playlist
WSFMBug2018-06-29► Playlist
WSFMMy Eternal2018-06-30► Playlist
WSFMHi Hello2018-07-02► Playlist
WUNHHey Angel2018-06-29► Playlist
WUNHHi Hello2018-06-29► Playlist
WUNHHey Angel2018-06-30► Playlist
WVMOTracers2018-07-01► Playlist