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DiskA Matter of Time
Spinitron ChartJul 5 2018
Chart periodFri Jun 29th thru Thu Jul 5th 2018
Chart stats174 stations reporting 96309 spins
Rank in chart44
Spins in chart period31
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KBGALike This2018-07-02► Playlist
KBGAFlames (feat. Chronixx)2018-07-02► Playlist
KBGACamera Show2018-07-02► Playlist
KBGAMind of a King2018-07-02► Playlist
KBGAA Matter of Time2018-07-02► Playlist
KBGALessons2018-07-02► Playlist
KBOOMind Of A King2018-07-01► Playlist
KBOOFlames (feat Chronixx)2018-07-01► Playlist
KBOOCamera Show2018-07-01► Playlist
KDHXNo Guarantee (feat. Chronixx)2018-07-04► Playlist
KDURFLAMES feat CHRONIXX2018-06-29► Playlist
KDURA MATTER OF TIME2018-06-29► Playlist
KDURLessons2018-06-29► Playlist
KHOLMind of a King2018-07-05► Playlist
KKCRMind of a King2018-07-01► Playlist
KKCRLessons2018-07-01► Playlist
KKCRMind of a King2018-07-03► Playlist
KKCRlessons2018-07-03► Playlist
KKCRcamera show2018-07-03► Playlist
KKCRlike this2018-07-03► Playlist
KKCRFlames (feat. Chronixx)2018-07-03► Playlist
KZFRCamera Show2018-07-03► Playlist
KZFR01 Flames feat. Chronixx2018-07-03► Playlist
WORTFlames2018-06-30► Playlist
WORTMind of a King2018-06-30► Playlist
WORTLessons2018-06-30► Playlist
WORTA Matter Of Time2018-06-30► Playlist
WORTBlood Money2018-06-30► Playlist
WORTTruths & Rights2018-06-30► Playlist
WORTNo Guarantees2018-06-30► Playlist
WXOXA Matter Of Time2018-07-04► Playlist