ArtistWhite Fence
DiskFor the Recently Found Innocent
Spinitron ChartSep 7 2014
Chart periodMon Sep 1st thru Sun 7th 2014
Chart stats105 stations reporting 65411 spins
Rank in chart27
Spins in chart period36
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KBGALIKE THAT2014-09-01► Playlist
KBGAArrow Man2014-09-01► Playlist
KBUTAnger! Who Keeps You Under?2014-09-01► Playlist
KDURWolf Gets Red Faced2014-09-03► Playlist
KDURWolf Gets Red Faced2014-09-05► Playlist
KDURAfraid of What It's Worth2014-09-06► Playlist
KDURLIKE THAT2014-09-07► Playlist
KHOLAnger! Who Keeps You Under?2014-09-03► Playlist
KHOLFEAR2014-09-03► Playlist
KHSUSandra (When the Earth Dies)2014-09-02► Playlist
KSPCAnger! Who Keeps You Under2014-09-02► Playlist
KSPCArrow Man2014-09-02► Playlist
KSPCRaven On White Cadillac2014-09-03► Playlist
KSPCArrow Man2014-09-04► Playlist
KSPCWolf Gets Red Faced2014-09-06► Playlist
KUOMLIKE THAT2014-09-01► Playlist
KUOMWolf Gets Red Faced2014-09-02► Playlist
KUOMLIKE THAT2014-09-03► Playlist
KUOMTHE LIGHT2014-09-04► Playlist
KUOMLIKE THAT2014-09-05► Playlist
KUOMLIKE THAT2014-09-06► Playlist
KVSCWolf Gets Red Faced2014-09-01► Playlist
KVSCThe Light2014-09-03► Playlist
KVSCWolf Gets Red Faced2014-09-04► Playlist
KVSCArrow Man2014-09-05► Playlist
KXSCLIKE THAT2014-09-05► Playlist
KZSCACTOR2014-09-04► Playlist
WMSEArrow Man2014-09-02► Playlist
WMSESandra (When the Earth Dies)2014-09-05► Playlist
WNMCAnger! Who Keeps You Under?2014-09-04► Playlist
WORTall tracks2014-09-02► Playlist
WPRKAnger! Who Keeps You Under?2014-09-01► Playlist
WPRKWolf Gets Red Faced2014-09-05► Playlist
WUOGWolf Gets Red Faced2014-09-03► Playlist
WUOGAnger! Who Keeps You Under?2014-09-03► Playlist
WUOGSandra (When the Earth Dies)2014-09-04► Playlist