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ArtistBoz Scaggs
DiskOut of the Blues
Spinitron ChartAug 2 2018
Chart periodFri Jul 27th thru Thu Aug 2nd 2018
Chart stats177 stations reporting 97774 spins
Rank in chart5
Spins in chart period67
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMLittle Miss Night and Day2018-07-30► Playlist
KAFMRock and Stick,Lil Miss Nite & Day2018-07-30► Playlist
KAFMI've Just Got to Forget You2018-07-31► Playlist
KAFMDown In Virginia2018-08-02► Playlist
KBUTon the beach2018-07-27► Playlist
KCSBLittle Miss Night and Day2018-07-28► Playlist
KDHXI've Just Got to Forget You2018-07-28► Playlist
KDHXOn the Beach2018-08-02► Playlist
KDNKLittle Miss Night & Day2018-07-27► Playlist
KDNKLittle Miss Night & Day2018-07-31► Playlist
KDURRadiator 1102018-07-31► Playlist
KMNORock and Stick2018-07-30► Playlist
KMNORadiator 1102018-08-01► Playlist
KMUZI've Just Got to Forget You2018-07-27► Playlist
KOPNOn the Beach2018-07-30► Playlist
KOPNRock and Stick2018-07-30► Playlist
KOPNOn the Beach2018-07-30► Playlist
KRFClittle miss night and day2018-07-28► Playlist
KRFCDown in Virginia2018-07-28► Playlist
KRFCLittle Miss Night and Day2018-08-01► Playlist
KRFCrock and stick2018-07-30► Playlist
KRFCI've Just Got to Know2018-07-30► Playlist
KRFCrock and stick2018-07-31► Playlist
KRFCI`ve Just Got To Forget You2018-07-31► Playlist
KRFCrock and stick2018-08-01► Playlist
KRFCI've Just Got to Know2018-08-02► Playlist
KRFCrock and stick2018-08-02► Playlist
KRVMRadiator 1102018-07-27► Playlist
KRVMRadiator 1102018-07-31► Playlist
KRVMRadiator 1102018-08-02► Playlist
KRVMDown In Virginia2018-07-29► Playlist
KRZARock and Stick2018-08-01► Playlist
KVNFDown In Virginia2018-08-01► Playlist
KVNFDown In Virginia2018-08-01► Playlist
KZFRRock And Stick2018-08-02► Playlist
KZUMLittle Miss Night and Day2018-07-31► Playlist
KZUMThose Lies2018-07-31► Playlist
KZUMRock and Stick2018-08-01► Playlist
KZUMDown In Virginia2018-08-02► Playlist
WBOIrock and stick2018-07-29► Playlist
WEFTLittle Miss Night and Day2018-07-30► Playlist
WEFTOn the Beach2018-07-30► Playlist
WFVRSick and Tired2018-07-30► Playlist
WGDRRock and Stick2018-07-27► Playlist
WGDRI've Just Got to Forget You2018-07-27► Playlist
WGDRThose Lies2018-07-27► Playlist
WHUSDown In Virginia2018-07-30► Playlist
WMEBLittle Miss Night and Day2018-08-02► Playlist
WMFOon the beach2018-07-29► Playlist
WMFORock and Stick2018-07-31► Playlist
WMPGrock and stick2018-07-28► Playlist
WMPGDown In Virginia2018-07-28► Playlist
WMPGThese Lies2018-07-28► Playlist
WMPGThe Feeling Is Gone2018-07-28► Playlist
WMPGLittle Miss Night And Day2018-07-31► Playlist
WMPGDown In Virginia2018-07-31► Playlist
WMPGRadiator 1102018-08-01► Playlist
WMPGrock and stick2018-08-01► Playlist
WMUARadiator 1102018-08-02► Playlist
WOWDRock and Stick2018-07-31► Playlist
WPRKRock and Stick2018-07-29► Playlist
WRUWThose Lies2018-07-28► Playlist
WSCAThose Lies2018-07-29► Playlist
WSFMThe Feeling Is Gone2018-07-30► Playlist
WXPRRock and Stick2018-07-31► Playlist
WXPRDown in Virginia2018-07-31► Playlist
WXPRRock And Stick2018-08-01► Playlist