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ArtistTy Segall & White Fence
Spinitron ChartAug 2 2018
Chart periodFri Jul 27th thru Thu Aug 2nd 2018
Chart stats177 stations reporting 97774 spins
Rank in chart10
Spins in chart period60
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KBMFRoom Connector2018-07-28► Playlist
KBMFBody Behavior2018-07-28► Playlist
KCSBHey Joel, Where You Going With That?2018-08-01► Playlist
KDURShe Is Gold2018-07-30► Playlist
KDURBody Behavior2018-07-31► Playlist
KDURbeginning2018-08-01► Playlist
KHOLTommy's Place2018-07-30► Playlist
KHOLbody behaviour2018-07-31► Playlist
KHOLMy Friend2018-08-01► Playlist
KPTZbody behavior2018-07-28► Playlist
KRFCBody Behavior2018-07-30► Playlist
KUOMGood Boy2018-07-27► Playlist
KUOMBody Behavior2018-07-27► Playlist
KUOMgood boy2018-07-27► Playlist
KUOMgood boy2018-07-28► Playlist
KUOMBody Behavior2018-07-29► Playlist
KUOMBody Behavior2018-07-29► Playlist
KUOMgood boy2018-07-30► Playlist
KUOMBody Behavior2018-07-31► Playlist
KUOMgood boy2018-08-01► Playlist
KUOMBody Behavior2018-08-01► Playlist
KUOMA Nod2018-08-02► Playlist
KVMR2My Friend2018-07-30► Playlist
KVMR2Good Boy2018-07-30► Playlist
KVMR2Hey Joel, Where You Going With That?2018-07-31► Playlist
KVSCBody Behavior2018-07-27► Playlist
KVSCA Nod2018-07-30► Playlist
KVSCmy friend2018-07-31► Playlist
KVSCDo Your Hair2018-07-31► Playlist
KVSCPlease Don't Leave This Town2018-07-31► Playlist
KVSCBody Behavior2018-08-01► Playlist
KVSCmy friend2018-08-01► Playlist
KVSCA Nod2018-08-02► Playlist
KWVAbody behavior2018-07-28► Playlist
KXSFA Nod2018-07-30► Playlist
KXSFGood Boy2018-07-31► Playlist
KXUABody Behavior2018-07-27► Playlist
KZSCShe Is Gold2018-07-31► Playlist
KZSCTommy's Place2018-07-31► Playlist
KZSCBody Behaviour2018-07-31► Playlist
RADIOBOISEBody Behavior2018-07-27► Playlist
RADIOBOISEBody Behavior2018-07-31► Playlist
WERAHey Joel, Where You Going With That?2018-07-27► Playlist
WHUSBody Behavior2018-07-29► Playlist
WLURBody Behavior2018-07-30► Playlist
WLURGood Boy2018-07-31► Playlist
WLURBody Behavior2018-08-01► Playlist
WLURBody Behavior2018-08-02► Playlist
WMSEHey Joel, Where You Going With That?2018-08-02► Playlist
WMUABody Behavior2018-08-02► Playlist
WNMCPlease Don't Leave This Town2018-07-28► Playlist
WNMCRoom Connector2018-07-28► Playlist
WNMCBody Behavior2018-07-28► Playlist
WNMCRoom Connector2018-07-31► Playlist
WPRKBody Behavior2018-08-01► Playlist
WRUWBody Behavior2018-07-30► Playlist
WSUMA Nod2018-08-02► Playlist
WUNHGood Boy2018-07-29► Playlist
WUNHBody Behavior2018-07-31► Playlist
WZBCBody Behavior2018-08-01► Playlist