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ArtistKamasi Washington
DiskHeaven and Earth
Spinitron ChartAug 2 2018
Chart periodFri Jul 27th thru Thu Aug 2nd 2018
Chart stats177 stations reporting 97774 spins
Rank in chart23
Spins in chart period39
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUJourney2018-07-27► Playlist
KBEMShow Us the Way2018-07-28► Playlist
KBEMStreet Fighter Mas2018-08-02► Playlist
KBGACan You Hear Him2018-07-31► Playlist
KBMFStreet Fighter Mas2018-07-27► Playlist
KDHXHub-Tones2018-07-27► Playlist
KDHXtestify2018-08-01► Playlist
KDNKStreet Fighter Mas2018-07-27► Playlist
KDNKStreet Fighter Mas2018-07-27► Playlist
KDNKStreet Fighter Mas2018-07-29► Playlist
KDNKHub-Tones2018-07-30► Playlist
KDNKVi Lua Vi Sol2018-07-30► Playlist
KDNKSong for the Fallen2018-07-30► Playlist
KDURHub-Tones2018-07-30► Playlist
KHOLStreet Fighter Mas2018-08-02► Playlist
KHSUOne of One2018-07-29► Playlist
KKUPFists Of Fury2018-07-31► Playlist
KOPNTestify2018-08-01► Playlist
KRFCTiffakonkae2018-07-30► Playlist
KRZAOne of One2018-07-27► Playlist
KRZAOne of One2018-07-27► Playlist
KTUHShow Us the Way2018-07-27► Playlist
KUOMStreet Fighter Mas2018-08-01► Playlist
KVSCTestify2018-07-30► Playlist
RADIOBOISEConnections2018-07-27► Playlist
RADIOBOISEFists of Fury2018-08-01► Playlist
RFBHub-Tones2018-07-27► Playlist
WBOIooh child2018-07-29► Playlist
WEFTThe Space Traveler's Lullaby2018-07-29► Playlist
WEFTStreet Fighter Mas2018-08-01► Playlist
WGDRStreet Fighter Mas2018-07-31► Playlist
WKNCTestify2018-07-30► Playlist
WMSEStreet Fighter Mas2018-07-31► Playlist
WOOCTestify2018-07-30► Playlist
WRUWStreet Fighter Mas2018-07-27► Playlist
WRUWThe Space Travelers Lullaby2018-08-01► Playlist
WXNAThe Invincible Youth2018-07-28► Playlist
WXNAThe Space Travelers Lullaby2018-07-28► Playlist
WZBCStreet Fighter Mas2018-08-02► Playlist