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ArtistMarcia Ball
DiskShine Bright
Spinitron ChartAug 2 2018
Chart periodFri Jul 27th thru Thu Aug 2nd 2018
Chart stats177 stations reporting 97774 spins
Rank in chart51
Spins in chart period24
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KBEMShine Bright2018-07-27► Playlist
KDHXWhen The Mardi Gras Is Over2018-07-27► Playlist
KKUPShine Bright2018-07-27► Playlist
KMNOWorld Full of Love2018-07-31► Playlist
KMUNOnce in a Lifetime Thing2018-07-31► Playlist
KRFCThey Don't Make 'Em Like That2018-07-31► Playlist
KRFCTake A Little Louisiana2018-08-01► Playlist
KSYMWhat Would I Do Without You2018-07-29► Playlist
KSYMShine bright2018-07-29► Playlist
KSYMWhen The Mardi Gras Is Over2018-07-30► Playlist
KVMRWhen The Mardi Gras is Over2018-08-02► Playlist
KXCILife of the Party2018-07-28► Playlist
KXCIPots and Pans2018-07-30► Playlist
KZMUthey don' make 'em like that2018-07-30► Playlist
WERUWorld Full of Love2018-08-01► Playlist
WFHBI Got to Find Somebody2018-07-30► Playlist
WGDRPots and Pans2018-07-27► Playlist
WMPGShine Bright2018-07-28► Playlist
WMSEThey Don't Make 'Em Like That2018-07-29► Playlist
WNMCLife of the Party2018-08-02► Playlist
WORTI Got to Find Somebody2018-07-27► Playlist
WSCATake a Little Louisiana2018-07-29► Playlist
WUNHShine Bright2018-07-27► Playlist
WXNATake a Little Louisiana2018-07-28► Playlist