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ArtistCourtney Barnett
DiskTell Me How You Really Feel
Spinitron ChartSep 6 2018
Chart periodFri Aug 31st thru Thu Sep 6th 2018
Chart stats190 stations reporting 104176 spins
Rank in chart8
Spins in chart period63
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
WMSCCharity2018-09-02► Playlist
KRVMcharity2018-09-05► Playlist
KZUUcharity2018-08-31► Playlist
WDCEcharity2018-09-03► Playlist
WMSEcharity2018-09-03► Playlist
WMUAcharity2018-09-05► Playlist
WRUWcharity2018-09-01► Playlist
RADIOPHOENIXcharity2018-09-02► Playlist
KWURCity Looks Pretty2018-09-06► Playlist
WKNCCity Looks Pretty2018-08-31► Playlist
WUNHCity Looks Pretty2018-08-31► Playlist
WUNHCity Looks Pretty2018-08-31► Playlist
WZBTCity Looks Pretty2018-08-31► Playlist
KBUTCity Looks Pretty2018-09-03► Playlist
KDURCity Looks Pretty2018-09-01► Playlist
KRFCCity Looks Pretty2018-09-05► Playlist
KXCICity Looks Pretty2018-09-06► Playlist
KZUUCity Looks Pretty2018-09-02► Playlist
WLTLCity Looks Pretty2018-09-04► Playlist
WLTLCity Looks Pretty2018-09-04► Playlist
WZBTCity Looks Pretty2018-09-03► Playlist
WZBTCity Looks Pretty2018-09-01► Playlist
WZBTCity Looks Pretty2018-09-03► Playlist
WZBTCity Looks Pretty2018-09-03► Playlist
KVMRXCity Looks Pretty2018-09-06► Playlist
RADIOBOISECity Looks Pretty2018-09-03► Playlist
WMUACrippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Confidence2018-09-05► Playlist
CILUCrippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self Confidence2018-09-06► Playlist
KWURHelp Your Self2018-09-03► Playlist
WPRKHelp Your Self2018-08-31► Playlist
KAFMHelp Your Self2018-09-01► Playlist
WXOXHelp Your Self2018-09-02► Playlist
KWURHopefulessness2018-09-06► Playlist
WESUHopefulessness2018-09-01► Playlist
WUNHHopefulessness2018-09-01► Playlist
KUOMHopefulessness2018-08-31► Playlist
WMSEHopefulessness2018-09-06► Playlist
KUOMNameless Faceless2018-09-05► Playlist
WOMRNameless, Faceless2018-08-31► Playlist
WPRKNameless, Faceless2018-08-31► Playlist
KCSUNameless, Faceless2018-09-01► Playlist
KCSUNameless, Faceless2018-08-31► Playlist
KCSUNameless, Faceless2018-09-05► Playlist
KUOMNameless, Faceless2018-09-02► Playlist
KUOMNameless, Faceless2018-09-03► Playlist
KWURNeed a Little Time2018-09-03► Playlist
KWURNeed a Little Time2018-09-06► Playlist
WKNCNeed a Little Time2018-08-31► Playlist
WOMRNeed A Little Time2018-09-04► Playlist
KXCINeed a Little Time2018-09-03► Playlist
KXCINeed a Little Time2018-08-31► Playlist
WERUNeed a Little Time2018-09-03► Playlist
WMPGNeed a Little Time2018-09-06► Playlist
WVUDNeed a Little Time2018-09-03► Playlist
RADIOBOISENeed a Little Time2018-09-01► Playlist
WPRKSunday Roast2018-09-03► Playlist
KXCISunday Roast2018-09-04► Playlist
WMPGSunday Roast2018-09-06► Playlist
WVUDSunday Roast2018-09-04► Playlist
KRFCWalkin' on Egg Shells2018-09-05► Playlist
KWURWalkin’ On Eggshells2018-09-04► Playlist
WOMRWalkin’ On Eggshells2018-09-04► Playlist
WPRKWalkin’ On Eggshells2018-08-31► Playlist