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DiskThis Night Falls Forever
Spinitron ChartSep 6 2018
Chart periodFri Aug 31st thru Thu Sep 6th 2018
Chart stats190 stations reporting 104176 spins
Rank in chart12
Spins in chart period50
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMStraight Shot2018-09-04► Playlist
KAOSStraight Shot2018-09-04► Playlist
KDHXDone With Those Days2018-09-04► Playlist
KDNKLet me sleep2018-09-03► Playlist
KMNOStraight Shot2018-09-05► Playlist
KRFCLet Me Sleep2018-09-06► Playlist
KRFCMy Little Despot2018-08-31► Playlist
KRFCangels2018-09-03► Playlist
KRFCLose You In The Crowd2018-09-04► Playlist
KRFCLet me sleep2018-09-04► Playlist
KRFCBreak Up Song2018-09-05► Playlist
KRFCStraight Shot2018-09-02► Playlist
KRFCMy Little Despot2018-09-06► Playlist
KRFCBreak up Song2018-09-06► Playlist
KSJDStraight Shot2018-09-05► Playlist
KSJDStraight Shot2018-09-06► Playlist
KVMRStraight Shot2018-09-01► Playlist
KVSCangels2018-08-31► Playlist
KVSCLove letters2018-09-04► Playlist
KVSCangels2018-09-05► Playlist
KVSCLove Letters2018-09-06► Playlist
KXCIStraight Shot2018-08-31► Playlist
KXCIangels2018-09-06► Playlist
KXUAStraight Shot2018-09-02► Playlist
KXUAMy Little Despot2018-09-05► Playlist
KXUALet me sleep2018-09-05► Playlist
KZMUStraight Shot2018-09-06► Playlist
RADIOBOISEStraight Shot2018-08-31► Playlist
RADIOBOISEStraight Shot2018-09-05► Playlist
WERULose you in the Crowd2018-08-31► Playlist
WERUStraight Shot2018-09-03► Playlist
WERULet Me Sleep2018-09-03► Playlist
WLURLet Me Sleep2018-09-04► Playlist
WMSELet me sleep2018-09-04► Playlist
WNMCDone with Those Days2018-09-01► Playlist
WNMCMy Little Despot2018-09-01► Playlist
WNMCStraight Shot2018-09-02► Playlist
WNMCStraight Shot2018-09-04► Playlist
WOMRStraight Shot2018-08-31► Playlist
WRUWStraight Shot2018-09-02► Playlist
WRUWLet Me Sleep2018-09-06► Playlist
WSFMMy Little Despot2018-09-06► Playlist
WUNHLet Me Sleep2018-09-03► Playlist
WUNHStraight Shot2018-09-03► Playlist
WUNHStraight Shot2018-09-04► Playlist
WUNHStraight Shot2018-09-05► Playlist
WUNHAngels2018-09-06► Playlist
WVMOLet Me Sleep (cos)2018-09-04► Playlist
WVUDStraight Shot2018-09-05► Playlist
WXPRLose You In the Crowd2018-09-04► Playlist