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ArtistBoz Scaggs
DiskOut of the Blues
Spinitron ChartSep 6 2018
Chart periodFri Aug 31st thru Thu Sep 6th 2018
Chart stats190 stations reporting 104176 spins
Rank in chart14
Spins in chart period49
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMDown in Virginia2018-09-04► Playlist
KBOOI've Just Got To Know2018-09-02► Playlist
KDHXrock and stick2018-08-31► Playlist
KDHXRock and Stick2018-09-03► Playlist
KDHXOn the Beach2018-09-06► Playlist
KDNKLittle Miss Night and Day2018-09-05► Playlist
KDNKRock & Stick2018-09-06► Playlist
KMNORadiator 1102018-09-05► Playlist
KRFCI've Just Got to Know2018-09-02► Playlist
KRFCDown in Virginia2018-09-03► Playlist
KRFCThose Lies2018-09-04► Playlist
KRFCRADIATOR 1102018-09-05► Playlist
KRVMRadiator 1102018-08-31► Playlist
KRVMRadiator 1102018-09-04► Playlist
KRVMRadiator 1102018-09-04► Playlist
KSYMThose Lies2018-09-03► Playlist
KSYMRADIATOR 1102018-09-04► Playlist
KSYMI've Just Got to Know2018-09-05► Playlist
KVMRLittle Miss Night and Day2018-09-01► Playlist
KVMRRock and Stick2018-09-05► Playlist
KVMRRadiator 1102018-09-05► Playlist
KVMROn the Beach2018-09-05► Playlist
KXCIon the beach2018-09-03► Playlist
KXSFRadiator 1102018-08-31► Playlist
KZUMLittle Miss Night and Day2018-09-04► Playlist
KZYXon the beach2018-09-06► Playlist
WBRSLittle Miss Night And Day2018-09-05► Playlist
WCUWRadiator 1102018-09-01► Playlist
WEFTThose Lies2018-08-31► Playlist
WEFTLittle Miss Night and Day2018-09-03► Playlist
WFHBRadiator 1102018-08-31► Playlist
WFHBThe Feeling Is Gone2018-09-02► Playlist
WFHBRock and Stick2018-09-03► Playlist
WFHBDown in Virginia2018-09-03► Playlist
WFHBRADIATOR 1102018-09-04► Playlist
WFHBRADIATOR 1102018-09-05► Playlist
WFHBRock and Stick2018-09-06► Playlist
WGDRI've Just Got to Forget You2018-08-31► Playlist
WLXURock and Stick2018-09-01► Playlist
WMEBRadiator 1102018-09-06► Playlist
WMSEI've Just Got to Know2018-09-05► Playlist
WMSERADIATOR 1102018-09-05► Playlist
WNMClittle miss night and day2018-09-01► Playlist
WNMCRock and Stick2018-09-03► Playlist
WNMCDown in Virginia2018-09-04► Playlist
WNMCon the beach2018-09-05► Playlist
WOMRRadiator 1102018-08-31► Playlist
WOWDI've Just Got to Know2018-09-02► Playlist
WPRKI've Just Got To Forget You2018-09-06► Playlist