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ArtistNeko Case
Spinitron ChartSep 6 2018
Chart periodFri Aug 31st thru Thu Sep 6th 2018
Chart stats190 stations reporting 104176 spins
Rank in chart33
Spins in chart period34
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
CILUbad luck2018-09-06► Playlist
KAFMbad luck2018-09-04► Playlist
KBGALast Lion Of Albion2018-09-05► Playlist
KBMFHell-On2018-09-02► Playlist
KCSUBad Luck2018-08-31► Playlist
KDURHalls of Sarah2018-09-01► Playlist
KDURPitch or Honey2018-09-03► Playlist
KHNSbad luck2018-09-05► Playlist
KKCRGumball Blue2018-09-01► Playlist
KPTZOracle of the Maritimes2018-08-31► Playlist
KRFCbad luck2018-09-03► Playlist
KRFCDirty Diamond2018-09-05► Playlist
KRVMbad luck2018-09-03► Playlist
KSJDBad Luck2018-08-31► Playlist
KUOMbad luck2018-09-05► Playlist
KVNFGumball Blue2018-09-04► Playlist
KVNFHell-On2018-09-05► Playlist
KVNFHell-On2018-09-05► Playlist
KXCILast Lion of Albion2018-08-31► Playlist
KXCIHalls of Sarah2018-08-31► Playlist
KXCIOracle of the Maritimes2018-09-02► Playlist
KXCILast Lion of Albion2018-09-04► Playlist
KXCIbad luck2018-09-04► Playlist
KXCILast Lion of Albion2018-09-05► Playlist
KXCILast Lion of Albion2018-09-06► Playlist
WERUDirty Diamond2018-09-03► Playlist
WERUPitch or Honey2018-09-04► Playlist
WERUbad luck2018-09-04► Playlist
WFHBOracle of the Maritimes2018-09-03► Playlist
WHUSLast Lion of Albion2018-09-05► Playlist
WMSEDirty Diamond2018-09-04► Playlist
WSCACurse of the I-5 Corridor2018-09-05► Playlist
WUNHHalls Of Sarah2018-08-31► Playlist
WUNHHell-On2018-09-01► Playlist