ArtistFrank Bey
DiskBack in Business
Spinitron ChartSep 6 2018
Chart periodFri Aug 31st thru Thu Sep 6th 2018
Chart stats190 stations reporting 104176 spins
Rank in chart40
Spins in chart period31
09/02/2018kafmBlame It On Mother NaturePlaylist
09/05/2018kafmCookie JarPlaylist
09/06/2018kafmBack In BusinessPlaylist
09/01/2018kaosGive It to Get ItPlaylist
09/03/2018kaosBlame Mother NaturePlaylist
09/04/2018kaosTake It Back to GeorgiaPlaylist
09/04/2018kdnkBack in BusinessPlaylist
09/05/2018kdnkBack in BusinessPlaylist
09/01/2018kglpBack In BusinessPlaylist
09/04/2018kkfiBlame Mother NaturePlaylist
09/01/2018kopnWhere You Been so LongPlaylist
09/01/2018kopnGive It to Get ItPlaylist
09/04/2018krfcAin't No ReasonPlaylist
09/05/2018krfcGive It To Get ItPlaylist
09/06/2018krfcgun toting preacherPlaylist
09/02/2018krvmBetter Look OutPlaylist
09/02/2018krzaBack in BusinessPlaylist
09/01/2018ksjsGun Toting PreacherPlaylist
09/04/2018ksjsCookie JarPlaylist
09/01/2018kxciThe Half Of ItPlaylist
09/03/2018kyacBlame Mother NaturePlaylist
09/06/2018kzfrGun Toting PreacherPlaylist
09/05/2018weftBetter Look OutPlaylist
09/05/2018weftWhere You Been So LongPlaylist
09/06/2018weftCookie JarPlaylist
09/05/2018weruBetter Look OutPlaylist
09/01/2018wicnTakin' It Back To georgiaPlaylist
09/06/2018WKKLBack in Business NowPlaylist
09/06/2018wmebGun Toting PreacherPlaylist
09/03/2018wnmcCookie JarPlaylist
09/01/2018wortBack In BusinessPlaylist