ArtistArctic Monkeys
DiskTranquility Base Hotel & Casino
Spinitron ChartSep 6 2018
Chart periodFri Aug 31st thru Thu Sep 6th 2018
Chart stats190 stations reporting 104176 spins
Rank in chart42
Spins in chart period30
08/31/2018kcsuTranquility Base Hotel & CasinoPlaylist
09/01/2018kcsuFour out of FivePlaylist
09/04/2018kcsuAmerican SportsPlaylist
09/05/2018kcsuThe UltracheesePlaylist
09/03/2018kdurshe looks like funPlaylist
09/05/2018kholTranquility Base Hotel & CasinoPlaylist
09/03/2018krvmFour Out of FivePlaylist
09/05/2018krvmFour Out of FivePlaylist
09/01/2018kuomFour Out of FivePlaylist
09/04/2018kuomStar TreatmentPlaylist
09/06/2018kuomFour out of FivePlaylist
09/03/2018kxciFour out of FivePlaylist
09/06/2018kxciTranquility Base Hotel & CasinoPlaylist
08/31/2018kzmuThe UltracheesePlaylist
09/06/2018THEUFour out of FivePlaylist
09/04/2018WAIHFour out of FivePlaylist
09/04/2018wmfoStar TreatmentPlaylist
09/04/2018WPRKOne Point PerspectivePlaylist
09/03/2018wruwThe World's First Ever Monster Truck Front FlipPlaylist
09/04/2018WUNHOne Point PerspectivePlaylist
08/31/2018wvudFour out of FivePlaylist
08/31/2018wzbtFour Out Of FivePlaylist
08/31/2018wzbtThe UltracheesePlaylist
09/01/2018wzbtScience FictionPlaylist
09/02/2018wzbtFour Out Of FivePlaylist
09/03/2018wzbtFour Out Of FivePlaylist
09/03/2018wzbtFour out of FivePlaylist
09/05/2018wzbtFour out of FivePlaylist
09/05/2018wzbtFour Out Of FivePlaylist
08/31/2018WZBTFour Out Of FivePlaylist