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ArtistBuddy Guy
DiskThe Blues Is Alive and Well
Spinitron ChartSep 6 2018
Chart periodFri Aug 31st thru Thu Sep 6th 2018
Chart stats190 stations reporting 104176 spins
Rank in chart47
Spins in chart period29
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAOSOld Fashioned2018-09-04► Playlist
KKFIWhiskey for Sale2018-09-04► Playlist
KLBCGuilty As Charged2018-09-05► Playlist
KPTZBlue No More2018-08-31► Playlist
KRFCOoh Daddy2018-08-31► Playlist
KRFCOld Fashioned2018-09-03► Playlist
KRFCWhiskey for Sale2018-09-05► Playlist
KRFCCognac2018-09-06► Playlist
KRVMBad Day2018-09-02► Playlist
KRZACognac (featuring Jeff Beck & Keith Richards)2018-09-02► Playlist
KSYMA Few Good Years2018-08-31► Playlist
KSYMCognac2018-09-02► Playlist
KSYMNine Below Zero2018-09-03► Playlist
KSYMThe Blues Is Alive and Well2018-09-04► Playlist
KSYMwhen my day comes2018-09-05► Playlist
KSYMBlue No More (feat. James Bay)2018-09-06► Playlist
KVMRNine Below Zero2018-09-06► Playlist
KVMRNine Below Zero2018-09-06► Playlist
KXCIA Few Good Years2018-09-01► Playlist
KZFRThe Blues Is Alive And Well2018-09-06► Playlist
KZMUYou Did the Crime (feat. Mick Jagger)2018-09-05► Playlist
KZUMThe Blues Is Alive and Well2018-09-02► Playlist
WEFTthe Blues is Alive and Well2018-08-31► Playlist
WEFTBlue No More2018-09-03► Playlist
WEFTThe Blues Is Alive And Well2018-09-05► Playlist
WEFTWhen My Day Comes2018-09-06► Playlist
WNMCSomebody up There2018-09-01► Playlist
WSCACognac (feat. Jeff Beck & Keith Richards)2018-09-04► Playlist
WXOXSomebody Up There2018-09-02► Playlist