ArtistThe Earls Of Leicester
DiskLive at the CMA Theater
Spinitron ChartSep 20 2018
Chart periodFri Sep 14th thru Thu 20th 2018
Chart stats197 stations reporting 109621 spins
Rank in chart42
Spins in chart period39
09/14/2018kdurEarl's Breakdown (Live)Playlist
09/17/2018kdurSalty Dog Blues (Live)Playlist
09/18/2018kdurAll I Want is You (live)Playlist
09/19/2018kdurMedley: Spanish Two Step / Steel Guitar Blues (Live)Playlist
09/15/2018kglpI'll Go Stepping Too (Live)Playlist
09/20/2018kglpI Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (Live)Playlist
09/17/2018khnsgonna sleep with one eye openPlaylist
09/18/2018khnsI'll Go Stepping TooPlaylist
09/20/2018khnsMy Mother Prays So Loud in Her Sleep (Live)Playlist
09/19/2018kmuzSalty Dog Blues (Live)Playlist
09/19/2018kmuzWill You Be Lonesome Too (Live)Playlist
09/15/2018krfcSpanish Two Step / Steel Guitar BluesPlaylist
09/19/2018KVMRReunion in HeavenPlaylist
09/19/2018kyacSalty Dog Blues (Live)Playlist
09/19/2018kyacWill You Be Lonesome Too (Live)Playlist
09/19/2018kyacEarl's Breakdown (Live)Playlist
09/16/2018KZSCYou Can Feel It in Your SoulPlaylist
09/19/2018kzumSalty Dog Blues (Live)Playlist
09/19/2018kzumBig Black Train (Live)Playlist
09/18/2018radioboiseI Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (Live)Playlist
09/18/2018weftSpanish Two Step/Steel Guitar BluesPlaylist
09/15/2018wfhbRollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arm (Live)Playlist
09/16/2018wfvrLet the Church Roll On (Live)Playlist
09/16/2018wfvrI Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (Live)Playlist
09/16/2018WHUSI'll Go Stepping TooPlaylist
09/16/2018WHUSI'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye OpenPlaylist
09/16/2018WHUSI'll Go Stepping TooPlaylist
09/18/2018wicnIntroduction (Live)Playlist
09/18/2018wicnSalty Dog Blues (Live)Playlist
09/18/2018wicnWill You Be Lonesome Too (Live)Playlist
09/18/2018wicnEarl's Breakdown (Live)Playlist
09/15/2018wvudI'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye OpenPlaylist
09/16/2018WZBC(1) Introduction w/Eddie StubbsPlaylist
09/16/2018WZBC(7) I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye OpenPlaylist
09/16/2018WZBC(2) Salty Dog BluesPlaylist
09/16/2018WZBC(3) Will You Be Lonesome TooPlaylist
09/16/2018WZBC(4) Earl's Breakdown (Instr)Playlist
09/16/2018WZBC(5) Long Journey HomePlaylist
09/16/2018WZBC(6) I'll Go Stepping TooPlaylist