ArtistRichard Thompson
Disk13 Rivers
Spinitron ChartSep 27 2018
Chart periodFri Sep 21st thru Thu 27th 2018
Chart stats207 stations reporting 120737 spins
Rank in chart16
Spins in chart period58
09/23/2018kafmDo All These Tears Belong to You?Playlist
09/22/2018kcsbThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/26/2018kdhxThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/26/2018kdhxThe Rattle WithinPlaylist
09/23/2018kfgmThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/27/2018kkfiThe Rattle WithinPlaylist
09/24/2018kmnoThe Rattle WithinPlaylist
09/27/2018kmnoHer Love Was Meant For MePlaylist
09/27/2018kqnythe storm won't comePlaylist
09/27/2018krfcThe Rattle WithinPlaylist
09/22/2018krvmThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/21/2018ksymO CinderellaPlaylist
09/26/2018kvnfShaking the GatesPlaylist
09/26/2018KVNFShaking the GatesPlaylist
09/24/2018kvscNo MatterPlaylist
09/26/2018kvscMy Rock, My RopePlaylist
09/21/2018kxciThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/24/2018kxciDo All These Tears Belong To You?Playlist
09/25/2018kzumThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/25/2018kzumHer Love Was Meant For MePlaylist
09/27/2018wdrtThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/21/2018wdrtThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/21/2018weruThe Dog In YouPlaylist
09/26/2018weruThe Storms Won't ComePlaylist
09/21/2018wfhbThe Dog In YouPlaylist
09/23/2018wfhbBones of GileadPlaylist
09/25/2018wfhbThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/25/2018wfhbThe Rattle WithinPlaylist
09/25/2018wfhbYOU CAN'T REACH MEPlaylist
09/27/2018wfhbThe Rattle WithinPlaylist
09/24/2018wfvrYou Can't Reach MePlaylist
09/26/2018wfvrThe Rattle WithinPlaylist
09/26/2018wfvrYou Can't Reach MePlaylist
09/21/2018wgdrThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/21/2018wgdrBones of GileadPlaylist
09/21/2018wgdrMy Rock My RopePlaylist
09/23/2018WHUSThe Dog in YouPlaylist
09/22/2018wlxuThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/27/2018wmmtThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/23/2018wmpgRattle withinPlaylist
09/21/2018WOMRThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/23/2018WOMRThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/25/2018WOMRHer Love Was Meant For MePlaylist
09/25/2018wortHer Love Was Meant For MePlaylist
09/25/2018wortDo All These Tears Belong To You?Playlist
09/25/2018wortMy Rock, My RopePlaylist
09/25/2018wortYou Can't Reach MePlaylist
09/25/2018wortThe Dog In YouPlaylist
09/24/2018wrirBones of GileadPlaylist
09/23/2018wscaNo MatterPlaylist
09/24/2018wsfmThe Storm Won't ComePlaylist
09/26/2018wvudShaking The GatesPlaylist
09/26/2018wxprBones Of GileadPlaylist