ArtistColin James
DiskMiles to Go
Spinitron ChartSep 27 2018
Chart periodFri Sep 21st thru Thu 27th 2018
Chart stats207 stations reporting 120737 spins
Rank in chart33
Spins in chart period43
09/22/2018kafm40 Light YearsPlaylist
09/24/2018kafm40 Light YearsPlaylist
09/27/2018kafmOne More Mile (Bonus Acoustic)Playlist
09/24/2018KAOSOne More MilePlaylist
09/27/2018kbeachOne More MilePlaylist
09/27/2018kbeachBlack KnightPlaylist
09/27/2018kglpSoul of a ManPlaylist
09/25/2018kholTears Came Rolling DownPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrone more milePlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrStill a foolPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrDig Myself a HolePlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrI Will RemainPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcr40 Light YearsPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrOoh Baby Hold MePlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrblack nightPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrSoul of a ManPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrsee That My Grave Is Kept CleanPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrI Need Your Love so BadPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrtears come rolling downPlaylist
09/25/2018kkcrOne More Mile (Acoustic)Playlist
09/21/2018kkfiOne More MilePlaylist
09/25/2018kkfiOne More MilePlaylist
09/21/2018kmuzTears Came Rolling DownPlaylist
09/21/2018kptzSoul of a ManPlaylist
09/23/2018krvmDig Myself A HolePlaylist
09/24/2018krvmStill a foolPlaylist
09/24/2018krvmSoul of a ManPlaylist
09/23/2018ksjs40 Light YearsPlaylist
09/25/2018ksjsSoul of A ManPlaylist
09/25/2018kvnfStill a FoolPlaylist
09/22/2018kxciOoh Baby Hold MePlaylist
09/26/2018weruone more mile to goPlaylist
09/24/2018wikdStill a foolPlaylist
09/26/2018WKKLDig Myself a HolePlaylist
09/26/2018wmseDig Myself a HolePlaylist
09/24/2018wnmcOoh Baby Hold MePlaylist
09/26/2018wnmcTears Came Rolling DownPlaylist
09/23/2018WPRKStill a FoolPlaylist
09/22/2018wruwStill a FoolPlaylist
09/27/2018wruwBlack NightPlaylist
09/27/2018wruwSoul of a ManPlaylist
09/22/2018wsumSoul of a ManPlaylist
09/21/2018wxprSoul of a ManPlaylist